Yoti does not work on an android tablet or a pc?

I’ll say first that I am all in favor of KYC to move forward. My issue is this. My phone is not how I plan on using electroneum. I’ve had the web wallet all year and recently found that I am able to run the app on my android based tablet. This all works well. The issue is that Yoti refuses to install on this same tablet and there is no way to provide the information from my pc. Any idea on a work around? I love my current phone as it is indestructible. Sonim XP5. I’d hate to have to downgrade my phone to flimsy junk just to have to use ETN.
Is it a firm requirement to use my own phone to do the Yoti compliance?

Unfortunately an Android or iOS device is needed for Yoti. Quite strange that your current tablet will not install Yoti. Also I believe front and back camera is needed for Yoti.

We have a desktop wallet, but its operated in command line interface, guide can be found here, Electroneum CLI Wallet Guide with Remote Node method.

You can also create a paper wallet, guide can be found here, Electroneum Paper (offline) Wallet generator Guide

These are some options you have until you possibly get a new tablet/phone that will let you install Yoti app.

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My current tablet is an android device. It is not however a phone. As such Yoti refuses to install. On the Yoti faq page they state explicitly that their app does not work on tablets. I’m well aware of the cli wallet as that is where I hold the majority of my ETN. I am looking for a workaround so that I may be in compliance with KYC, not in avoidance of it.
I’ll make my questions more clear.
Is it required to have Yoti running to do transactions on the electroneum app? How does this impact the web wallet?
Am I required to run Yoti on the device with my phone number or can I borrow access to jump through these hoops?

Looks like a workaround is in the works. I may move my ETN mainly to my CLI wallet in the meantime.

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Love this video with Richard giving us the low down!

Richard did a great video again indeed @M-Kid and I think they just have to create other ways around if you see how many people already got problems now with Yoti sadly there can only get more yoti is a great idea but It has to get better and on electroneum part they should make sure to Create a way for people who can’t use yoti :thinking:

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