Yoti country map


Read on the Yoti website which countries the app can be downloaded for Android and/or iOS. Because KYC/AML, all depends on registration via Yoti right? Seems to me that it’s pretty important that Yoti makes their app downloadable in even more countries. I hope the African continent will see more countries where the Yoti app will work in the near future. We all know a very important region the Electroneum team is focusing on.
To make this story all a bit visible, I created a simple world map in which all countries that support the app are colored blue. I hope more countries will be added soon by Yoti. :+1:t2::smiley:


I hope that mine will be added to blues!


And the blue countries are too uncovered they only accept passport and not everybody have it… so no LVL 2 for me…



My country is white on the map, but I can download Yoti from Play store. I can’t confirm my identity though, because they don’t accept any documents from my country. So, maybe map is combination of both, download availability and document acceptance?

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Why isn’t it available in Greenland? The polar bears will find it hard to do a selfie instead.