Yoti certification in china


We don’t have the passport and only have the personal ID in china.

After download the YOTI soft from App store. according to requested to do. But finally don’t got through certification after several upload personal ID picture by YOTI certification.

How can slove this problem?
Then the @ETNCEO wallet must drop the china’s market in future?

I think most of people in africa, iran or other country’s ETN wallet user as the Political, economic and other applied environments facts don’t got YOTI certification in future. You will have choice to drop User or suitable for user’s requested!


You can use Driving License or National ID.
In the event, your ID is not being accepted by the app, send the yoti support an email and they should be able to guide you.

I am based in Dubai, however my passport is from India. Yoti has accepted by passport details and have accepted by Dubai address…


why the #ETN wallet use so complex fucation force reduce the withdraw Amount. And let the wallet user make so much works and time to do.

I have been use the #DGB digibyte mobile wallet and so simple, convenient and high speed!

I has been transit our big amount ETN to trade platform( crypto,nz). yesterday.
Through our long time to holding ETN that we has been looking. every time, the etn price rise the high price. The ETN mobile wallet must be stop and crowding! And don’t let you withdraw ETN from mobile wallet.


your from China yeah, can you please give us (the western world) a general understanding of how the Chinese view cryptocurrency, why the Chinese put so much hashing power into mining pools?


The china government prohibition the cryptocurrency tranist and many Social networking site about Bitcoin was closed from last year until now.

But the many mininer works pursiute profit and remain minning from last year until now.
And in south china and nearly by mountain have many water power electric station. the electric power is very cheap. Then many people establish the bitcoin mining factory

Many young man include me effect on last year bitcoin high price market attract and often use personal or office computer to mining cyrto coin.

The high quantity computer and smart phone user . Many young man got the more crytocurreny information and interesting in it.


If i was you i would not worry, ETN have promised to solve all problems with YOTI/ETN. I am so shore that ETN is gonna solve absolutely all problems you have, because ETN is not gonna let the Chinese market go, they will do all they can to get the problem solved. China can be the biggest market in the world and i do think all of us want China to be a ETN hotspot.