Yoti Australian drivers licence NOT accepted


Today my brand new Australian drivers licence came and i have tried to upload this many times on the YOTI app’ The massage i am getting from the Yoti app is that Yoti is not currently supporting my Australian drivers licence template …

( even though on the Yoti website it states it supports Australian drivers licences’ Other times after trying agin the message says not able to register my document’ My ID …

I contacted Yoti today and there reply was.

Thanks for your patience on this issue.
We have checked your ID on our end and unfortunately we do not have the latest driving licence template at this moment in time. We recommend you contact Electroneum directly for alternative verification methods.

I than contacted ETN support and was told to wait 10 days for Yoti to verify my ID …

What a joke !!! ETN support are not getting the fact that my Australian drivers licence is not currently supported they don’t have the template to do so ETN support keep closing my ticket and referring me here to this group to get my answers how can i get level 2 KYC if no one is willing to help me !!!


As an alternative, I believe you can store your etn in a paper wallet or on an exchange. This effectively removes the restrictions from any of your transactions as they are outside the ETN wallet. This will give you time to work things out without panic. :slightly_smiling_face: Hope that helps you.


Think it’s coz aussie drivers license doesn’t show male or female


There was a Yoti update today for iPhone maybe they have fixed it?


didn’t know you could get a massage from yoti :smiley:

Seriously though,- this is why they’ve extended the deadline because there are these issues. They are working on it. It’s not a joke, it’s a massive undertaking and there are updates to the yoti app rolling out which have been fixing these issues.

Richard has said again and again no one will be left behind so please dont worry.


At least Aussie licenses are listed!
I’m in New Zealand and there’s not even that option for us!


this kyc thing is starting to give me the shits…and lots of other people as well…imaging how many people are just goin to give up trying and go elsewhere…this is bad for business…no wonder the price is goin down every day…electroneum should get a company that can do the job right …how the hell are we going to manage 50 million people ( and that’s just a small amount.)…I know we need kyc but this is just to slow, get another company to work on this as well as yoti…time is money and the crypto world moves fast…


Does it move fast? It seems people move fast…and impatiently (depending on how much they invested) while the actual technology is moving slowly. Programming takes time. Global scope takes time. Each country’s regulations take time. This is a time bomb?

Are there other projects with these kind of leads? This kind of progress?


I live in Australia and eventually got approved to Level 2 but did so by uploading my document to “my.electroneum”.

What worries me about Yoti is their lack of process improvement.

You can submit a document multiple times over and over continuously and receive advice that they don’t accept it. Doesn’t occur to anyone on their end to validate the ID type so that they can begin accepting it.

Seems grossly inefficient. Perhaps by mid next month the process will be refined.


Only level 1 is done in yoti level 2 and 3 are done through my.electroneum account page


I know, as mentioned that’s how I got approved to Level 2.

Do you know if that applies to everyone or only the people whose ID’s Yoti doesn’t accept?


Levels 2 and 3 need to be done through Electroneum page I believe.