Yoti asking for information teenager doesn't have


My teenage Grandson has been mining ETN and is very excited about it. He’s looking forward to using it for purchases. He’s been mining for a few weeks and everything was fine.

Yesterday, he logged into his account to see his balance and Yoti appeared asking for Driver’s License, Passport or State ID. Is this supposed to happen?

We live in the U.S. He’s not quite old enough to drive, he has no passport or state ID.
What is he supposed to do?


I’m going to direct you to the terms and conditions, which I believe states that it is for users 18 and older. At the moment anyway.


Thank you. I didn’t know that.
I would like to read about it.



The Services and Digital Content are directed at users aged 18 or older only. Where we have reason to believe you are under the age of 18, we reserve the right to take any of the actions described in clause 30 below


What “actions” are described ed in clause 30?


Yup, what you said. :+1:


What I said??? What do you mean?


Nope, I was referring to what @BigBrother305 responded to you with. He beat me to the link and quote.

If you look at the top right of my response, theres an arrow pointing to his username. You will typically get a notification as well if there is a direct response to what you posted.


KYC requirements went into place before the new year so it is interesting that he just got dinged with it. I’ve had multiple people sign up on the app the last few weeks and were asked for KYC right away before they could start mining.


I just noticed that a link was posted for “clause 30”.

Hmmm. Sounds a little harsh to me. Suspend online wallet, legal action, etc. etc. WOW!

I had no idea or I would not have even told my Grandson about it. He will be very disappointed, especially since I was going to transfer some ETN to his wallet so he could spend it.
I think you need to make more public the fact that you have to be 18 years or more to participate.


So now, how do we get rid of his account?
Are there certain steps we have to take?


He could always keep it and do the KYC when he turns 18…if that’s an option? But who knows, they may be able to open it up to minors with certain ID in the future. We are still early in this game and are having to suffer the initial road bumps and bruises until all this becomes more mainstream and polished.

For now, if you want to send him ETN you could create a paper wallet and send it there so you are sure it is safe. Then when he’s 18 he can pass the KYC and transfer it to his app for use. By then, ETN should be worth A LOT more than it is now. It would be a very nice 18th birthday present.


Thank you so, so much Cryptoman976.
This is a wonderful idea.
I will look into doing that.
I really appreciate your help. :smile:


Cash is too only for over 18? Do we sell drugs, alcohol or its Electroneum ecosystem so addicted? Why people can play games like Pokemon go or Fortnite where they are shooting but the app is only for people 18+
I think that wallet can be used and too miner for everyone if you agree LIKE this comment.

Too people have their phone bill and are less than 18…

Solution - use paper wallet and when you are 18 install the app…


It would indeed be nice if anyone could the app and im sure the team would love for anyone and everyone to be involved… but unfortunately under age users add a whole range of issues and complications when it comes to fin-tech usage and KYC.

Also, imho that demographic is not the target market for this product right now, they don’t sit inside the financial sector, they are not part of the gig economy. The mobile miner is there as a tool to feed adoption within those markets.

As you said, anyone can use a paper wallet or CLI if they wish to hold coins, it is infact the safest storage method anyway and should be encouraged.