Yoti App not adding address from passport



I added my ID card (passport) in the yoti app and they successfully accepted it. Now when I am trying to scan the ETN code then it is saying address is not present. For me it is showing only option of passport and if it is not getting address from passport then how can we upload address.
Does anyelse faced this problem?

BTW i am from India.


Same problem for all indian users


You can try, if you have, with the ID card or driver’s license.


For India, yoti app has option of only passport. :frowning:


i heard they will added manually add address this month…wait for that optiom


Yes, Yoti… Please add other options for India, National Id, Aadhar, Pan, Etc. I am already getting frustrated with the current option - Passport. Please note - Not all Indian users have a passport…:cry:


Is there any options now to add the address manually ?