YOTI and verify gender

I don’t have an ID document in Germany in which the gender is written. What should I do to verify myself for Electroneum?

Why would ETN need the gender as well? Strange…

General statistics. They can tell more accurately, the demographics and dynamics of those that who use the currency, and maybe tailor services or marketing toward specific people or groups.

A bit too much I believe. I mean it is ok for statistics purposes, but they should focus on more important things in order to market the app as it should be marketed.
The problem isn’t the gender verification, but the fact that some people can’t provide this info, so the KYC loses its purpose from the beginning.
We all wanted a privacy coin, and now it turns out we need to provide almost the same verification as when you’re opening a bank account.
Ok, this should probably help ETN work with companies that need their customer to be verified, and if we all agree that the decentralization is only a wet dream, because the governments won’t give the power to the people like EVER, that’s cool. But again, ETN should focus on more important things, at least at this point in time.
They turn heads with their app, but unless the path is clear and can be followed, they will not succeed.

Good luck to us all and especially ETN!

This may all be right. But my question has not yet been answered.

Maybe there is a way. I don’t know exactly, but I believe on german birth certificates the gender is specified as well.

Here is the answer from YOTI-support.

“In order to use Yoti you will be required to have an ID like Passport to be added on your Yoti account as there is no option of manually adding your gender on Yoti app.”

Because you can’t upload other documents. Verification is not possible for Electroneum in Germany.

That should be awkward for ETN team…

These are teething problems guys. It will be addressed. Allow them a little time.

I identify as a mooning cryptocurrency, i don’t see this option under Yoti’s gender selection. :joy:

Hey Thomas, I had the same problem. Some minutes ago i tried to import my Yoti profile to Electroneum again and it gone through. I think Electroneum changed the requirement for gender.


Did they also remove verified address as a requirement?

gender is not located on my drivers license in Australia this is bollocks, yoti has sort of come out of nowhere no one has heard of them people in Third World countries have no I.d. how can they register with yoti

No, you will need a verified address.

Newsflash: Electroneum now accepts non verified address & gender

I have made a YOTI profile without being able to verify gender or address.

Something has changed, electroneum now accepts this profile, just scan the QR code and yoti will ask you to share information with electroneum.

I’ve provided my profession, employer and my SSN as taxnumber, and i have uploaded a copy of my ISP utility bill. Level 2 is pending


I didnt work yesterday, but now it does :joy:

Haha ok, great Info :wink: Thats changed fast.