Yoti and paper wallets / exchanges


Hi everyone,

I’m really looking forward for the new KYC integration with Yoti, however two question raised on my side.
I’m with electroneum from the beginning, therefore I have some coins in paperwallet. I did not import it into the mobile wallet or sent the coins to any exchange. My question is, how will KYC and paper wallets work together?

Also the same goes for exchanges. As far as I know Cryptopia for example do not have any KYC support (maybe I’m wrong…). So this means that all supporting exchanges will be required to have some kind of KYC systems or maybe specifically Yoti?

Thank you in advance for your answers
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AS i know the paper wallet and cli wallet doesn’t integrated with kyc u can use them as fine .


The KYC requirements are attached to usage of the Electroneum ltd services and software. This includes the mobile app, the web app, instant payment system etc etc. These services and systems sit ON TOP of the blockchain.

If you don’t use these systems and just interact with the blockchain direct (electroneum-wallet-cli, paper wallets etc) then you have no need for KYC. (although i suspect you will run into them when you use exchange)

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