YOTI address problem


hi im a korea
Yotty is only allowed to passport not included in the address.
If so, how do I authenticate my address?


Hi. I am also a korean.
I asked already. So we’d better keep waiting.
We need another way of registration.



In Norway we have the same problem, i solved it by taking a picture of my paycheck and there stood, name address and tax number and my income. so i got to level 3. If you read on ETN page next to where you’re rank is it stands which type of document they accept


You only write in the address in yoti and upload the document at ETN page, you got that option after scanned the QR code


Have the same issue, the answer from Yoti support here.


Heey @36c726e763c31a828937 and @JamesDon-ETN-GoGo As far as i know Electroneum is working on different ways to verify yourself as soon as possible also the Yoti App is busy with updating its app to cover more Country’s if you fill in the adress manualy on the Yoti app and don’t verify it and scan it on the website then it should take your unverified adress with it and then you can upload a document to continue with your verification i hope this helps also look at these posts for more information and help:


Hi im from the Philippines and yoti dont support on manually adding my address. And they also denied my driver’s license. Got approved only my passport but i lack address where the only option left is the driver’s license unfortunately yoti denied my license… Any workarounds for this?


You are going to be able to add your address manually on Yoti’s next October release.

You can find the list here, with the countries they will accept manually added addresses.

KYC Helping to power Enablement

Hi Im from the Philippines and i dont have that option to manually add address on my yoti app. Stuck on verifying address cant elevate to Level 2… Any other way for this? Do we have a deadline for doing this KYC or i can get back to elevating my account to level 2-3 when there are new ways for me to verify my address?


Oh i see thanks… We dont have like deadlines for doing this KYC right? Its fine for me to just wait till October or when i can verify my address manually on yoti to proceed on elevating my account to level 2-3 right? Im worried if there was somr deadline for this or something…haha


We have the same issue for the Czech Republic. I am convinced that the official KYC will not start before the problems are resolved.