Yoti address issue - India


Please message me a screenshot of the details on your Yoti app.

Yoti app - settings cog - my details


The QR code is Yoti specific, no Yoti no scan. You need a QR code scanning app to scan qr codes in general a phones camera by itself doesn’t do that. You keep saying use a camera to people which is incredibly vague. A camera by itself just takes video or takes pics there isn’t a QR scanner built in.

Are you saying to go to the Google play store and download a general QR scanner in order to scan it? You need to be specific and clear with instructions. I can certainly do that, however as I said I don’t think it’s going to work on a Yoti specific qr code.


If your phone’s camera cannot scan QR codes itself then yes you could download a QR code scanner.


I don’t remember exactly, as I verified quite some time ago, but I believe Yoti has an inbuilt QR code scanner.


Yes Yoti does have one but unless you can upload an ID that Yoti accepts as soon as you scan the QR code in the back of Electroneum in the profile settings it won’t let you proceed. Electroneum request more information from Yoti which Yoti won’t accept thus people getting stuck on level 2.


Well this is the 1st this was explained, I will try a regular QR scanner to see if that method works to allow a manual upload to the Electroneum site. I’ll delete Yoti again and re-do the entire process and report back to let everyone know if it works this way.


Please be aware guys this thread is for people having an issue with Yoti in India.


I don’t know man. I couldn’t imagine people would have so much hassle with this verification, as I completed mine in just a few days.


Honestly I Yoti is the worst KYC process i’ve ever encountered by far. The fact they struggle to accept the most basic common forms of ID isn’t good. They’ve got a long ways to go to be viable for the masses.


Everything has to start from somewhere. ETN as well is not nowhere near perfect, but if we give them time, we will be spoiled.


Yeah that’s true you got a good point there, I wasn’t trying to take a dig at them but still it’s a bit frustrating. Also as Richard said they’re working on other alternative methods and working with Yoti on the reported problems to get it sorted out. Although I’ve replied to a fair bit on the kyc issues I am a patient person and I don’t mind waiting. You’re also right about being spoiled, I’m a huge supporter of ETN and believe in it 100%.

This KYC stuff is just a tiny hurdle or overcome, nothing more. It’s all good.

Rich knows these things need to get sorted out asap for everyone to do the levels that are necessary.


Not only India but also Iran,
We can’t add address or id to yoti too


Yes, special things are in store for those who wait. What is more important, is that nobody would need to be KYC verified, at least for several months, when we will see an important raise in price. Until then, everybody has time to do it. Ok, your funds will be blocked after the 12th, but after you get verified, you will be just fine.


I like to inform you that i had successfully completed my 1st tier KYC and installed Yoti aaps.

But yoti apps provides only passport option for Indian users- I uploaded my passport but my full name is not displaying properly in yoti apps that is Anup Kumar Banerjee instead of that my name appears in yoti apps Anup Kumar Bane - And when ever i tried to scan the Yoti apps code in Electroneum to complete my 2nd tier KYC - it rejects - I takeup this matter with the customer service of Yoti - They replied me it can be done in next update only. But Electroneum KYC last date is 12th of Nov.

I, therefore request to kindly help me out from this situation -

Thank you

With Warm Regards

Anup Kumar Banerjee


Please add other mode of id such as DL, AADHAR CARD (which is in India), PAN CARD. so that we all can do KYC and enjoy ETN. I love ETN from the time I heard about it on July 2018.


KYC Problem - Indian Passport

Hi Rachel, thanks for addressing this issue.

I uploaded the first page of my passport, and all my details except my address have been updated to Yoti. The address on the Indian passport is in the last page - and there is no way to upload a 2nd page on Yoti.

I am unable to scan the QR code, without adding the address, and Yoti doesn’t offer the option to add the address manually for Indians.

Anything else I can do to complete the KYC, as I NEED to complete the 3rd level.

Thank you!


Please make it hassle free. There is only one option for Indian user’s. But there are various I’d options for other countries. And also there is no option for manual address input.


yoti for kyc is a useless idea of electroneum team. because it gives opportunity for some selected country. what about Indians


when you take the action? you post this before 10 days ago and there is roughly 10 days remaining


just one week left now for kyc process and still no update of yoti for indian users to upload any other document instead of passport Richard Ellis please help your indian users as soon as possible