Yoti address issue - India


We are aware that people are unable to add an address onto Yoti in India unless they have an Indian passport.

We are currently working through this issue to ensure all our users in India will able to make it through our KYC process.

Please use this topic as a place for discussion on this issue.

Apologises for any inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

Rachel & Electroneum Team.

KYC issues in India
The latest email from Richard 4th Oct


KYC address not able to update in india. Indian passport doesnot have photo, name and address in same. page.


How about in the Philippines, a third world country. We cannot add manually an address onto yoti unless we upload passport or driving license to Yoti app which most of us have none. Does this thread applies to India alone? Or for evryone having the same issue? How can we go about this problem?


Hi, as you can see on this link https://yoti.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/115005526849-Can-I-add-my-postal-address-to-my-Yoti-, you can add a manual address if you’re in the Philippines.


We can only manually add our address to YOTI upon their approval of an ID document uploaded to their app, that is a passport or a driving license. If we dont have those ID documents, we cannot manually enter our adddress. That is the biggest problem we have to endure and be afraid of not being KYC level 2 and 3 verified. Do you get my point Ma’am @Rachel? How can we overcome such problem?


ID Document is required (passport or driving license). Without these ID document, we CANNOT manually add our address… How to overcone this problem? Any alternative ways or solution?


Having similiar problem, yoti only accept passport in Indonesia. I hope we hear good news from Electroneum team ASAP


Yoti has office in India , hope it resolves our KYC problem with ETN or ETN team brings new way as of now .


Hi, as you can see on this article https://yoti.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/115005526849-Can-I-add-my-postal-address-to-my-Yoti- they accept manual addresses for Indonesia.


Again Ms. @Rachel, the requirement is TO HAVE AN ID DOCUMENT that is a passport or driving license before one can manually enter his address… please @Minato see the above screenshot… encircled is the ID DOCUMENT requirement.


You do not need to add a document to Yoti if you are on a basic Yoti, which the Philippines is automatically on. You can manual verify your address. There are some countries you cannot verify at the moment, but we are working on that.


What do you mean “basic yoti”? Then why cant I enter manually the address, name, gender, nationality if im on basic yoti?? Yoti requires the uploading of ID Document. See screenshot…


Kindly assist me if indeed I can manually enter my address without the need of uploading ID Document to YOTI app. Thank you in advance.


Did you scan the QR code first?


In what stage is the proper time to scan the qr code?
After installing the yoti app?


Yes, but you MUST to scan the QR code before making a Yoti account.


How can I scan the qr code before making a yoti account?


You can scan it with your phone’s camera.


So I should scan the qr code using my phones camera and not the yoti app? Right? How do I scan my qr code using my phone camera? Please teach me…