Yoti address issue - Bosnia and Herzegovina


We are aware that people are unable to add an address onto Yoti in Bosnia and Herzegovina unless they have an Indian passport.

We are currently working through this issue to ensure all our users in Bosnia and Herzegovina will able to make it through our KYC process.

Please use this topic as a place for discussion on this issue, and reply/comment if you are experiencing this issue.

Apologises for any inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

Rachel & Electroneum Team.

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Ok, I’m waiting to see how it goes. Damn, I’m now regretting for never chasing the dual citizenship with Serbia at least.


Ehhh,… you guys are amazing, focusing on small places like this! :blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart:
Appreciate you so much for taking care of my peoples.


@Rachel any news on this issue? We’re kinda running out of time…


Dear Rachel

I have the same problem in Iran. what’s your solution for Iran.
Yoti doesn’t accept my ID document to create the basic account.


Musa Koyun:
yoti did not accept the turkey ID card. I have more than 150 euro in my wallet. What do I do now?


Yoti needs to add Iran to the list as well.


Can you read topic or you dont know english if IRAN or TURKEY is Bosnia and Herzegovina than ok but this is for Bosnia only! and yea we are still waiting…


Done and done. Yoti updated, we are now able to fully register to the lvl3, you just need to scan QR code on your electroneum profile with it, and follow the rest of the instructions in your web browser. I just completed my own.



How did you manage to do it? I’ve tried with new account, start Yoti with button on my.electroneum.com via mobile browser, and also by scanning QR code, but every time it asks for an address. When I try adding address and choose Bosnia, it says documents aren’t supported - the same way it was from the start. I would really appreciate some help with this.

Best regards,


Not in the yoti app itself, but in your electroneum wallet under settings, in the web browser. You just need to scan the QR code, yoti will ask do you wanna link with electroneum ltd. and when you accept you’ll unlock lvl2 registration options in your wallet settings.

Also, be sure you really updated your yoti app. If it isn’t updated, try searching for the update manually in the PlayStore.


Yoti updated automatically two days ago. I did exactly as written above but still the same sh… It never asked if I want to link with Electroneum, it only asks for missing details.


Please comment here Unable to add address on Yoti


I’m facing exactly the same. Maybe they’ve updated app, but it obviously doesn’t behave the same for all of us.

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Please comment here Unable to add address on Yoti


I don’t know, guys. I saw yoti being updated and gave it a try. I had my ETN wallet opened in the web browser on my PC, and after I scanned that QR code from it, yoti asked me do I accept linking with the ETN and after accepting I got lvl2 options unlocked on my PC, in the web browser. After uploading my ID picture, and filling some basic info about it I got the option to select a proof of my address, I used the paper from the bank. And after that one was accepted I unlocked the lvl3, and there I used the paper from my workplace, about my fund income. And that was it, fully unlocked now.

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