YESS HES BACK The Legendary ETN youtuber from ICO Cryptocurrency1607 Surfaces again!


Obi Wan Kanobi of the ETN youtuber world has emerged again,

way way before all the Paduins youtubers today all about tech , Crypto NWO , Minting coins , 99 cent , Truthful Rob , Etc

Cryptocurrency1607 was the only Jedi Knight promoting ETN while it took a total Fud Storm when ETN was released , this guy single handedly was the lighthouse in a sea of darkness.He was the most informative and representative of ETN right from the earliest days when nobody was around this guy was the top guy right from the start.

Anyone who bought ETN from ICO would remember how this guy gave the whole community hope and the vision to hold our coins , thanks Cryptocurrency1607 glad your back Another Amazing Video !!


Thanks for posting this, Izmo. He is a great YouTuber, very smart, definitely worth watching. Nice to have him back.


easily the best ETN YouTuber at the beginning, despite all the issues early on he remained so positive! so glad he is back!