XOV Global Decentralised Finance Exchange launching Dec 2018

Hi Electroneum Community,

I am the Listings Manager for XOV. A UK based project working towards fully compliant blockchain based banking and financial network. We will be offering a bitshares based Decentralised Asset Management Platform (DAMP) that will form the core of our retails and commercial banking solutions as well as developing an academically research Stablecoin with the assistance of economic experts from the London School of Economics and the Imperial College, London.

We launch our exchange in December with BTC, ETH and BTS Markets and are offering opportunities for projects to get in early and secure highly reduced early listing fees. We can also offer upgraded listing packages that include increased exposure on the exchange and other marketing opportunities. You can contact me initially via telegram @BrissieCrypto.

Thanks for your time
Wade (BrissieCrypto)


This sounds like another perfect opportunity for electroneum…

Thanks for thinking about us !!! And welcome to the etn community…


Hopefully the admins or the mods will be in touch soon …


Thank you Chris, I’ve been mining etn on my phones since day one. Should have popped in here before now.

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Yeah , it’s a good place to stop in , great information and we look after one another.

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