Xmrig-amd triggers Win 10 Defender Antivirus


I downloaded and use XMrig-AMD (and sometimes notls) on a couple of machines.
As of this afternoon one win 10 computer is returning a “WIN32/vigram.A” warning that XMRIG carries a trojan and it will not execute.
The XMRIG program resides on a NAS which feeds the computers in the office.
This warning does not appear on other computers.
The WIN10 computer in question scans the XMRIG file on the NAS and reports the trojan and refuses to execute.
I want it to run on that computer because it is available to run undisturbed 85% of the day whereas my other computers are in constant use during the workday.



Forgot to mention… exception is in place.


I know you said exclusions in place but thought I would post what mine look like, I had to exclude 2 places for it to work in Win 10 on Defender. Username is the fsdgh