WTH?! Modern cars are now like smart phones

So I haven’t driven a car since 2013 and when I did it was a used 2000 model.
Today I rented a modern car from Budget and when I got it I told the guy there is probably going to be a learning curve for me so give me a quick rundown of all the controls.
I wasn’t prepared for how different modern cars are - holy crap, WTH??!!
Where is the parking break? Oh it’s a button.
Where is the ignition? That button right there. Huh? Long press, double press, I can’t figure it out. Oh quick press.
Where is the shifter? It’s a f****** dial! LOL Really?!
You guys be driving space ships now. OMG.
How do I open the trunk? Oh it’s on the key fob.
Why is there lit up numbers on my door?
The chair is automatically moving backwards when I get out of the car so it’s easier for me to get out.
I’m just sitting in the car with my Starbucks coffee trying to nurse my hangover going WTF is all of this magic? I can’t even figure out how to turn on and off the radio.
Is it going to take my shoes off for me, slide them under the seat and massage my feet? I mean I don’t even know what is going to happen next.
I need some time.


Yes…and they last almost like a smartphone

So you’re saying the next Tesla will be called the M1? The car that pays you back? Pays your toll both and parking? @Elon_Musk

I just went and picked up a ton of groceries in this thing. I’m going to stores I never would have before.

You guys have been lazy driving these space ships around. That would have taken me 10 or more trips on the bicycle or walking carrying 4 grocery bags. I’m the soda and snack vendor at work so I took this opportunity to get a ton of snacks and drinks.

I couldn’t figure out how to open the trunk. I’m sitting there pressing the button on the fob until I figured out it must know I’m close so I can just open it with my hand.

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If you think that budget rental is advanced try a TESLA, TESLA Model 3 owner here and when FSD is available we will be able to have our cars go out and earn $$ on the TESLA network (TESLA Uber)! Absolutely the car that will pay you back!!!

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What car was it? I know what you mean, I drive different rentals every week. The last one made like a device docking sound when engaging reverse. The one before had an over head image of the car on the screen superimposed on a composite image of the the area around the cameras in all four corners while reversing was like playing a video game. Don’t get me started on automatic high beam and window washers. Yea I also miss a traditional hand break. No way to negotiate those tricky hairpin bends with an electronic break. :slight_smile:

It’s a Ford focus something. The shifter is a dial, I can’t f’n believe it. It feels surreal, everytime I park or start up the car to leave I don’t have to grab anything or move anything. This is just weird and surreal.

Some of the old 60s cars, Dodge comes to mind, had push button shifters in the dash. Dial is definitely new.

I went from an 03 Grand Cherokee to an 18 Cherokee, took a bit to get used to. Many cars have a touchscreen tablet in the dash now. Luckily I can turn it off.

This one also has the auto stop/start where it shuts the engine off at a stop light. Then starts up when you release the brake. Kinda like driving a golf cart…

Lastly, very few cars have CD players anymore. That one bugs me. Yes, I have all my music on one SD card now, but i’d still like to have the player. Might have to put a discman on the dash, Wayne’s world style.

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