Would you pay Extra for ETN Phone

Would anyone here pay extra for an Electroneum Phone like 1.5 Times the price so two phones would mean one could get given away in South Africa? I am asking this as I would like a phone and some can not afford them I have already made a case for not buying these in the western world but am wondering opinions?

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I’d like to buy an extra Electroneum-M1 just for the WOW-factor to impress my co-workers, BUT only if ETN Ltd or “The Alliance”-bot Arvin Sloane @422e7100b1711dab1194 :wink: profited from my purchase

As a member of the filthy rich part of the world (Norway) I guess my efforts would be futile. It would be
like stealing a cheap phone from the un-banked…

I waste like $20 on beer every day

@RSKNOR Exactly my friend thank you for your rich donation! :heart:

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@RSKNOR remember what the door mouse said feed your head!

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I have no clue what your are talking about, but I guess it all makes perfect sense in English
(remember I’m a foreign non-native english member)

@RSKNOR It’s the lyrics to the song!

It means use your mind and think of things other than you! The bigger picture :blush::+1:

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love it (20ETN + 20ETN = 40 ETN)

Oh I make nonsense in English my troll friend! Haha :joy:

I like it, when you troll me in pure advanced (non-googleable) english

Pure advanced trolling maybe, just slow your mind to a heart beat and then the troll shall become!

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you blow my mind, and I kind’a like it :grin:

With my feet in the air and my head in the ground! Where is my mind!? :grin: (pixies)

stop it please, you are confusing me

I will Wiking 3007! Do you all get a number?

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i have no clue, but this forum needs more memes for sure

And a lot more music videos but if you want memes we can work out some ATM (advanced Troll Memeing) :grin:

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I kissed a boy, and I liked it…_

Where… I mean a city!?

Manchester for sure, ManU