Would you like to check your paper wallet balance the easy way with maximum security?

Simply generate a view wallet by only supplying the Private View key. Without the Private spend key, Electroneum can NOT be sent.

By using Remote Node method, you can check your paper wallet balance in minutes, without a possible chance of anyone sending out Electroneum even if they access your wallet, remember Private Spend key is needed in order to send out Electroneum.

Special thanks to @BegaMutex for supplying this amazing information in a previous help post (Cli wallet help needed - #10).

Electroneum CLI with remote node updated with View Only method

@BegaMutex is this still the easiest way to view paper wallet balances. Thank you in advance.

Easiest? No.

Use the GUI wallet for the easiest method.

  • Download from Github
  • Start it
  • Follow onscreen instructions…
  • Setup in “Simple Mode” (this means you connect to remote nodes and dont need to download the blockchain).
  • Then choose “Restore wallet from keys or mnemonic seed”
  • Select "Restore from keys " button
  • Enter your public and view key… NOT your private spend key (leave it blank).
Warning, badly edited picture. Click at your own risk.

  • Set restore height to 0.
  • Click next, next etc…
  • Let wallet refresh…
  • …and you are done.

You now have a VIEW only wallet which can look at deposits of your paper wallet. You havent used your private key so its still 100% safe.

When you are ready to take the funds off, do the same but enter the Private spend key as well and you then take control of the paper wallet and can send the coins somewhere. (dont use the paper wallet again after you do that).


Do some testing…create a paper wallet, send a few ETN to it and practice importing it, then sending coins somewhere. Do a few times until you are 100% comfortable.

Then maybe try the same thing in the CLI wallet. Similar process, but you use commands rather than a interface. It is better to use CLI as its officially supported by the team.