Worth of electroneum

Wondering what ETN are worth at present, I have over 10000, and whic is the best exchange

Best exchanges…


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Google coin market cap or geckco exchange listing website’s, search for ETN on any of these websites and you’ll get a list of exchange’s showing current market prices on each exchange

It’s curious you have as many as 10k but don’t know how to easily check price online.

You can’t have mined 10k on the mobile app… and you don’t sound proficient enough to know how to actually mine (GPU or ASIIC).

But again if you don’t know how to easily check the price online, you can’t have them on a CLI wallet either (involves a little know-how), nor can you have them on exchange or you could just check exchange price (ETN to BTC to £$€).

Soooooo… you must have them on the Mobile App however you got them… and… the mobile app tells you how much they are worth.

In the Mobile App, select VALUE (down the bottom), and use the CALCULATOR… Select your currency and enter your ETN quantity.

Tell us how you got the 10k ETN ?

I bought them in oct 2017 from the website


You took part in the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) ?

Well you should get the mobile app. I’ve just checked the price in the app for you for 10k

EUR 44.10
USD 49.53
GBP 38.10

You’re probably down, but most of us are right now and more pain is likely in the short term.

Hopefully my quoted prices will look like a missed opportunity (for those not in now) in the coming years.

If you want me to check another currency for you, just ask.

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