Worried about KYC? You shouldn’t be!

It’s a bit of messing around to input all the information but overall it isn’t that bad.

Take a look at this video - this guy nails it! He is 100% right in my opinion!

He is spot on!
I know we all had another thing in mind when it comes to crypto, and the ones who lost the 2017 train are the most affected, including me. But the fact is that we wouldn’t have been allowed to do what we wanted to to, which is control our own lives.
As a conclusion, this is the next best thing.
We can still make money, just not as much as before.
A few millions are enough for me. Just saying! :smiley:

Level 3 now confirmed …not that difficult at all!

FYI: I’m based in the UK.

Congratulations on level 3 @JR-360 :+1: I like that video :blush:

why is there a knife of pi tab on the computer screen?