World of Warcraft Classic <Binance>

Anyone playing (or interested in playing) WoW Classic is more than welcome to join me on the Ashkandi server (Horde). I have started a guild called Binance with my main, Cryptocow.

I am a very casual player but would like to build the guild with crypto enthusiasts so there is always something to talk about regardless of what is going on in game!

Does WoW still exist?? I remember playing that about 12 years ago. Got my little character up to level 42 before I got a bit bored running around. I spent far too long in the auction house buying and selling bits.

Does it still cost £10 a month to play??

Yes it does. They just launch WoW classic which is Vanilla WoW before all expansions. I hadn’t played in over two years myself, but I had to check this out seeing I beta tested the game many moons ago

Edit: It costs $15/month of you pay monthly.

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