World map of ETN users

I’m thinking about a world map of ETN users, to see where we are located and the strength of the community in Nepal, Tanzania or Dubai. It would be beautiful to see the mass adoption growing day after day.

Something like this :

What do you think fellow ETN hodlers ?

Neat idea I think this would be cool yes

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Data from November 2018


Thanks @Mr.CryptoCZ. Cool but how awesome it would be to have a live website with all those data and seeing the community getting bigger every day.


You can raise a support ticket maybe with this suggestion… i post here multiple times some great ideas but nothing change - we offer translating to Czech, Slovak, Hungarian. I suggest a lot of thing here :wink: but maybe you will be more succesful.

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How to remove the bots/fake accounts to get a better picture?

Show only people who make kyc at least lvl 1 or maybe lvl 2 or more…