World First: use ETN for Subscriptions!


Looks exciting and what a great resource…cant wait :slight_smile:

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Cant wait to teak a look around

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Etn academy sounds interesting…

Look forward to walking through the doors and seeing whats on offer

Is this the announcement which was going to be released approximately 1 week before MWC19?

Or is this something else??

We will find out in 15 mins i guess

Something else! Very

Go. Now! :wink:

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Looking smart …

Tweeted link

Is the welcom
E to campus supposed to look that way …

Nice layout


Thanks for that—didn’t pick that up on any device it’s been tested on? Should be a simple CSS fix.

What a nice site! :slight_smile:

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Im on android 8.0 chrome

If im on desktop site its normal if im on android mobile its like that…

Thank you! It’s been a lot of work + there’s plenty more to see and explore once you’re “in” (i.e. a member)!


Thanks, I think I’ve fixed it (although can’t reproduce it here, not even in Mobile developer mode)… a couple of caches might need clearing though…

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Started a new topic here BTW

Perfect !!!

You done that bloomin fast…



And to round it all up for today :wink:

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