Working Demo of Shopify Instant Payment (video)


I got the privilege to create a demo video for the Shopify payment integration that Will (a.k.a @mehmeh) have created. Its very close to be ready for the masses we just need to do the final packaging with some terms and privacy policies (whatever is needed). Would love if @Egg or @ETNCEO could check this out too and help us with the last bits and pieces!

Here is the original thread: You asked for Shopify, I give you Shopify! Now I need your help!


Wow you are amazing hero for our community @mehmeh and @cnorin Thanks both. Much apreciated your effort and time. :wink:


@ETNCEO @ImogenD @Rachel
they need some help with the integration of ETN in


Awesome stuff! Real leadership!!!


Yeah, this is fantastic and I can’t wait to try it out on a little business idea I’ve been working on. Well done guys!


Very clean well made video, thanks for sharing looks alot better then I expected.


That’s wonderful as shopify is known in many country. Great!


Very nice! I just hope that isn’t your real email and home address that you just broadcast to the internet?


Its a dummy address - but my email is public.


really well done! nice video too.