WooCommerce development Idea

Would be a great idea if someone could develop a WooCommerce ETN plugin. Beyond my skills. Just putting it out there.

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I had a look at that already. Isn’t compatible with the instant payment system. Over 6 months old. So much changed in that time


You are not alone in this. I do know quite a few companies waiting for the woocommerce etn plugin and I also know few devs sho will jump on this as soon as the beta is over.

I don’t have any knowledge if the etn team is working on anything by themselves but if they don’t, they really should as woocommerce is the most used e-commerce solution for thousands (100’s). Let’s hope their team are reading their forum and creating suggestion list from it.

@BegaMutex we have a WooCommerce plugin but it’s not quite finished. Happy to give it to someone if they want to get it fully working.

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Is there a method how to explore which plugin use website? for example: https://sonomotors.com/preorder.html/
If I can suggest them add possibility to add ETNcommerce - but i dont know if they use magento or Woocommerce or something else?