Withdrawl from kucoin

Hi, i want to withdrawl etn from kucoin to the electroneum Wallet. I cant find the payment id for etn to succeed. Where i find it?

To withdrawal from Kucoin, payment id should not be mandatory, meaning you should be able to make a withdrawal without a payment id.

If you need payment id from Electroneum CLI, type command below into command line interface wallet to obtain a payment id.



Yeah just send it to your wallet address. No payment ID required for that.

Typically you may need to add a payment id when paying into some exchanges.


I tryed with out payment id but the transaction was send back to my kucoin accont arter 2 ours.

After 2 our…

Strange one I do it all the time. Just checking but did you put in your security number (assuming you have it active) and confirm the withdrawal by email.


Never used a payment ID to withdraw to my etn wallet from Kucoin. as @Storm said. Remember to check your email for withdrawal confirmation sent by Kucoin to verify the withdrawal. That is all. You only require payment ID for exchange to exchange withdrawals so they can allocate the fund to correct account

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I have never needed payment id on kucoin, but they do require a click in an email they send to you, confirming you are withdrawing. Make sure you follow up on that email.

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