Withdrawal from cryptopia


Distinguished stakeholders,
I have not been able to withdraw ETN from Cryptopia in the last 30 hours.It reads “invalid etn wallet address”.Please has anyone experience it?And what did they say is the cause?


I have to ask a silly question, did you copy and paste your address, if so is it possible you may have missed a character? Simple guess as I’m no genius, but sometimes it’s the simple things we overlook. Personally I’ve never had any problem, except forgetting to answer the confirmation email!! Good luck buddy.


yeah it means you’ve entered an address that isn’t an electroneum wallet address. Be VERY careful when sending any crypto because if you put in the wrong address you can say goodbye to your coins.


For the Avoidance of Doubt:

Copy your “Public Wallet Key” and paste into the Withdrawal Address making sure that the first & Last 10 Characters match. Ensure there isn’t any “white space” at the beginning or the end of the pasted characters. You should be good to go.

Getting this wrong will almost certainly mean you loose your Coins, so be very Careful @user81

Verifying everything is correct after “pasting” is an important step, as there are “clipboard Hijackers” out there that replace your Wallet Key’s with those of the hijackers so they get your Coins, and you need to be aware of this to ensure you don’t become a victim. Not saying you have one, but be aware of their existence.


i want to thank the ETN community for the all the suggestions.I followed them and the withdrawal has been successful.Once again thanks.


Just a little tip I tend to use when using addresses.

Presumably lots of us temporally copy our addresses into an unsaved notepad for quick easy reference which we can discard soon after.

I tend to double copy the same address one below the other.

This way if I inadvertently deleted a character in the address before I use it, I would spot the difference by the address string length difference between the 2 same addresses.

I find this a useful habit to follow. It might help, it might not.