Withdraw Kucoin Balance to Offline Wallet - Invalid Address



I want to make some offline (paper) wallet gift cards, by transferring from my Kucoin balance to a paper wallet.

However it tells me that “The address in invalid”, tried it with various paper wallets and I get the same.

Only thing I am not sure of is the “Payment ID” which I am filling in, copied from the deposit part.

Anyone suggestions on this? Thanks!



There is no Payment id when transfering to paper wallet. Remove it and make sure your address is 100% correct an your good to go.

Payment id’s are like a reference number used when transferring to another exchange.


I tried to transfer from craptopia to tradeogre and had the same , invalid address… strange


When transferring from exchange to exchange @Chris_T it is likely you would need a payment ID.

Some Exchanges issue you one, some don’t. If it is required and you dont use it, and the transfer goes through you loose your coins. Some Exchanges refuse the transaction (which is better for you) if you don’t put in the payment ID thus saving your coins from being lost.

But, for transferring to a non exchange destination (wallet, app etc) no Payment id is required.


Bugger I forgot all about that … Thanks for reminding me

It’s been a long sleepless week …


Hey Colin,

Thanks for the explanation. Tried it again with various wallets. The addresses I copy from the PDF, then on an notepad I check if all is without spaces or enters. To me that part, expecially by trying 3 times, must be solid.

@Chris_T you still have this same issue with the other exchanges or is it solved for you? (edit: just read well that you go from exch to exch so my q is lees relevant to you in this case ;))



Hi @Walter_Warmerdam I haven’t tried it yet but most likely was my fault hahahaha


Via KuCoin App with the QR code all fine. Something with my copy paste technique then pffff…thanks!


@Walter_Warmerdam, just for the avoidance of doubt: you go to “withdraw” then select how many ETN you wish to remove from the exchange. Please note that you may need to leave enough to cover the transfer fees. Some Exchanges take them off what you send some need enough coins left behind to cover them. After putting in your desired amount to withdraw proceed to the next stage. It will ask you to input your address. -my advice here is to highlight your public wallet key and click copy. Now open up windows notepad and paste your wallet address on the spreadsheet and copy making sure there is no space at the beginning and After you paste the address. Also check the first 5-6 charachter and last 5-6 characters and compare to your pdf key.
If it is a perfect match your good to highlight from notepad (not pdf) again making sure there is no spaces at the end or beginning and cross reference your first/last 5-6 characters after pasting your public wallet address into your exchange ETN withdrawal address.
Please note that it is only your public wallet key that you input. The other 2 keys are your private view key, and private spend key which you DO NOT use when withdrawing from an exchange. You keep those 2 strictly private at all times, hell dont even let the wife see them :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. And leave the payment reference BLANK. Done!

If you follow this to the letter you should have no problems.


Not just ‘likely’ it is 100% mandatory to supply Payment ID when transferring Electroneum from exchange to an exchange.

Also depositing Electroneum to a exchange, Payment ID must be supplied when sending Electroneum to an exchange.

Here is a topic on Payment ID