WIN ETN: Treasure HUNT / Scenarios Game(s)


Hi all @Thunder here! Tomorrow I will be posting an online treasure hunt and or Scenario question(s) contest!

This will have a winner or possibly winners earning real ETN. Over the weeks to come I plan to do this weekly if the community likes it!!!

The Concept: The more that play means a bigger prize purse for the winner(s) It is meant to be fun and to fight the boredom until more news comes out!

I will post things you need to do or to respond to in various ways. Some you will need to do the following things:

A. Answer by reply
B. Show a picture of something by replying
C. Post me something to do with the question or theme
D. Elaboration on the theme in detail

THIS is what you will do to get a chance to win real ETN!!!

I will not trick or deceive in the questions, they will simply be a search and post or go read and answer type of scenario. That said some questions will be weird and not have a right or wrong answer. I will simply be looking for creative answers or the reasoning to your answers.

If you think this is for you and you want to be involved in playing post me saying “YOU ARE IN” … Hey @thunder “I am in” Every now and then I will randomly pick people to earn some ETN even if they have not won just for being involved and for helping make this community and game greater than it already is!!!

To start right NOW we will do a sample exercise, that can earn you real ETN.

I will declare a winner by my bedtime tomorrow night. Answer what ever you want within the scenario dynamics and I will pick through the answers and pick the one that I like best. The winner will get 100 ETN You will also get 1 vote to vote on someone else’s answer (you can not vote for yourself)

Scenario #1 You are on a deserted desert island with a treasure chest of ETN you must attempt to live for 5 days and you can only pick five items off of the following list below that you can keep with you.

(I assume you already have three days of water and food, not five) You must only pick answers from the list and THEN explain why you chose what you picked.

Remember there is no right or wrong answers only perspectives! Have fun and I look forward to seeing what your responses are tomorrow,


  1. A Tent
  2. A Horse
  3. Your boyfriend or girlfriend or spouse or lover or grandparent (be specific in which one you picked and why)
  4. A Large Bag of Candy
  5. A Flashlight
  6. A Pack of Matches
  7. A Horrible Bartender
  8. Your Best Friend
  9. A large Plate of Chocolate Doughnuts
  10. Your Favorite Book (You must tell me what it is if you pick this selection)
  11. A Solid Pair of Runners
  12. A Slurpee Machine
  13. A Pinball Machine That is Solar Powered
  14. A Raft With a Hole in It
  15. Three Rolls of Holiday Wrapping Paper
  16. A Garden Gnome
  17. A Favorite 80’s Video and the Appropriate System to Watch it on. (battery powered, name your video)
  18. A Shovel
  19. Warm, Dry Set of Clothing
  20. A Large sized Whoopee Cushion
  21. Your Favorite Pillow
  22. A Toolkit
  23. A large Basket of Apples
  24. Sexy Lingerie
  25. A Batter Powered Air Drone (that can fly for 20 minutes) it has a video camera on it!!!
  26. One Pack of Eight Rolls of Toilet Paper
  27. A Foreign Speaking Stranger (friendly but not too friendly)
  28. A Washed up Pro Wrestler
  29. A Fictional Character from a Movie or Book (name who it is and explain why you picked them)

and finally,

#30 from the list - 30. A Yummy Corn on the Cob

Remember you can only pick 5 from the list above and then you must explain why those five. YOU also get one VOTE for someone else’s answers to further support the community getting involved. That vote can not be for you it must be for someone else. You do not have to vote if you do not want too, but to be considered a winner you must have 5 answers all with supporting reasons or explanations as to why you chose that answer!


P.S. Should others in the community want to support this and feel they would like to throw any ETN my way to help in the cause, feel free, you can send donated ETN which will go directly into the prize pool for weeks to come at


Fear not, should no one want to donate I will still offer ETN because I am excited about doing this and like to support my community!

Cheers and have a great day everyone!!!


Nice initiative Thunder :+1:


keep the ideas pouring @thunder


Might have to leave it till the weekend…
I like the concept , just give it some time!!
Just reading and spelling are a challenge for me on weekdays!


Yeah I think I will leave it on and see what people will do with it. Especially while we wait for more news to come out!