Will we realisticly get added to OkeX


I believe we as a community can get a lot of votes, but maybe not 1st place, would we get added if we would reach the… Let’s say top 3 of all votes? We do you think?


Hopefully. I agree I don’t think we will finish top but maybe top 5. Fingers crossed the whole community get behind it :crossed_fingers:


The only problem is that the telegram group is full and I can’t get in and vote!



OKEx is working on a new channel so new people can join and vote :slight_smile:


Time to get on the vote then :sunglasses:


Good job dude… Voted…


the whole thing seems like a bad idea badly implemented. I’m kinda done with these silly voting games.


Yep just waiting on that new telegram group


They abandoned the new telegram idea, you can vote without joining but you’ll have to post a tweet on their twitter, I don’t have the link now tho…


Here is the link : https://twitter.com/OKEx_/status/1035413404113035266
After you vote for Electroneum on telegram (without having to join the group, click pinned message, scroll down and vote for ETN)

Go to twitter link above, follow OKEx_ and them post a comment with you telegram screen name and what you voted for.

Example: Telegram: @xterest Voted for Electroneum


Hi, you don’t need to join the group to vote. I’ve just done it. Have a great day.


I voted, on telegram, and posted on twitter. Hope everything will work


So far the admins have been allowing project owners to pay others outside of their communities with no incentive to even research the projects in airdrops, and so far the coins included in this activity that are receiving massive votes by bots & airdrops are:

APL -> https://twitter.com/ApolloCurrency/status/1034860452222623744?s=19
STQ -> https://twitter.com/storiqa/status/1035531118068555776
mCOIN -> https://airdropalert.com/airdrop/mCoin
SNTR -> https://airdropalert.com/airdrop/Silent-Notary

So far many of them have already went up in price and the admins of OKEx likely have their shares of some of these coins they are allowing to do this. I’d say if you really want to do a listing vote that encourages people to vote based on the communities’ support/passion for a vision and bring the best ones to light, then don’t allow payments for votes. There is absolute zero incentive for people outside of the community that’s paying the people to even look up what they’re doing to even see if they deserve the votes. We also need to stop this from happening because it’s another centralization of control issue with money hungry people at the top that have a well organized team committed to this sort of crime. They are playing with people’s money and helping diminish the trust in this market.


There are likely more than just those 4, but I’ve been banned along with many others that were trying to point this out. Admins have been deleting all of our comments constantly and apparently they went on break because we had a good few minutes where a few of our posts stayed and the words started spreading, and had PMs set up just in case.


They should just list us already instead of playing these stupid games. They didn’t exactly show themselves to be a very desirable exchange anyway! :smiley:


why all members are not voting on okex…


We are, and have about 4k votes so far. (They don’t show the first poll, but it’s still counted). Also, they rigged this poll anyway in their favor to list coins that were down at like the #400 rank and lower. They’ve already let the coins pump so much just making it look like they were winning with each poll reset.