Will Their be a Bull Run in 2018?

In my opinion there will not be a bull run in 2018 the institutions buying btc over the counter and manipulating the markets will be sure to hold it down causing the value to drop further into there hands and onto there silver platters.

To much in fighting and jostling between altcoins and the likes of bitcoin and bitcoin cash is playing into the hands of regulators who run by the government and the rich are manipulating markets and chasing all confidence out of this space. Tether is behaving like the Fed bank in this space as well, and if the SEC really is legitimate in it actions Tether must be brought to account for these actions and need to be audited.
It is the projects that separate themselves from these influences that will thrive. Everyone is searching for good news and confidence will come back, but only to proven established leaders and pioneers who are putting there focus into walking the walk with mass adoption ETN is a leader here, a great example of putting there words into actions. ETN has so much in place now and so much more on the doorstep that sooner rather than later they will be recognized and the flood gates will be opened as everyone wants to have their piece of the cake.