Will I still receive etn to my wallet from Anytask even as I can't access it for now?

I got a mail recently asking me to verify my identity on Electroneum which I did by uploading my Government Issued ID card.
This was rejected and the reason was that it wasn’t recognized and a list of the acceptable card types was sent to me.

The thing now is that I’ve started the process of acquiring an international passport and it might take months before I receive it here in my Country. I want to know if I can continue delivering tasks on anytask? and also, will the funds be in my wallet when I have finally finished the verification process.

I’ve got a second question concerning Anytask.
I realized that one of my tasks (gigs) on the site has had it’s total number of reviews reduced. It moved from about 11 to 6 which is very strange.
I have contacted support and they responded by saying they’d check it out. It has been about a week now and nothing has changed.


Hi User2608.

Please direct questions about AnyTask to their support. :+1:

Be patient, it can take up to 10 working days for some responses. (Also make sure to not create multiple tickets as this will slow things down, just add a comment to your existing ticket to add information or questions.)

(side note, if any ETN is sent to your wallet address whilst you are completing KYC they will be there once your account is verified. Coins are never touched or moved)

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