Will ETN raise above BTC before the bear Market Ends


If ETN was to raise above the coin market cap of BTC before the bear market ends would that mean it’s mass adoption for Electroneum and we rise higher with the tide? Can anyone give me reasons why this would or would not happen. Thanks Magic!


Well there would need to be something astronomical big to go to that level…That would be the biggest gain in the crypto history, so I dont think there is a chance…not so fast…


Nothing is impossible. Btc did go from low to 20k on really only a hype, and no real product or use.
But, damn, to go to 60$ etn in some months. Weell. That takes some people. but btc did on not that many million people, only some big money and hype


You never know we are number 2 in reality and businesses look beyond the ranks!


On 20mill users we are bigger than btc. It aint 20mill unike btc accounts.


This is true they have a fully working product that has gone live! Instant payment! How big is that!! One button send and you know it’s getting there and on time! It’s incredible! Now they are doing gig economy too!! Fantastic!!


Well only time will tell, I do trust ETN 1000000%. So lets see what they bring us :slight_smile:
They think so far ahead, that we might all be surised at MWC

But I still dont belive we could catch BTC value this year…imo…


That’s right these are unheard of numbers and will only get higher with time!


We can think differently then like the ETN team has all the last year or so and keep this alive why did they choose now to launch fully!? Four year cycle!?


Dont know, like we all dont :smiley: super excited…ETN is probably the biggest brain circulation for me for the last year :smiley:


i think even 10 million live users for ETN is more productive n terms of on chain transactions than the 35 million BTC wallets out there. Not to mention 60% or more of those BTC wallets have less than $5…


Same here I think left they go right every time!!


yes, we just cant catch them with thinking :smiley: always a step ahead…who the f*** knew we will have patent pending?instant pay?KWC/AML? nobody…always a nice surprise :slight_smile:


Same here at least it’s being used as a productive payment system that just works! And it’s not much than a year old!!


They just know what they are doing in my opinion and they have their end goal in sight! They told us MASS ADOPTION and “Soon” so where can we go wrong they have not let down on a single promise yet!


This is something…something BIIIIIGGG

I am ridiculously excited about 2019. Nobody has ever been closer to mass adoption of a cryptocurrency and I am more confident today than I have ever been at any time since having the idea for a mobile cryptocurrency right back in 2016 that we will achieve it.

-Richard Ells-


See he’s been planning this before we knew!! And let’s think about it all it takes is one business worth £100billion to adopt and boom we are it!


What do you think would happen if we were higher than BTC when BTC goes up?


Btc would probably crash because od that? Dont know…


Well it’s still a gateway for many so it may push us higher with coinbase etc…