Will ETN app/wallet be available to the "feature phone" market

Will we see ETN release it’s app to the “feature phone” market, it’s a growing market in developing nations which could reach 100’s of millions of users.

To be honest , why wouldnt a phone manufacturer. …?
To me the idea of purchasing a phone that will eventualy pay for itself nearly sounds ridiculous.
Its a happening thing to have phones pre-loaded.
Lets do this!

(They already supply Raspberry Pi’s preloaded with the Digibyte App to schools in Venezuela.
Nice work Digibyte .)


There’s a possibility etn could launch an app through mobile streams with their HTML5 app platform which would give developing nations access to cloud mining and mobile app


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Take a look at Topic " how do you secure your ETN "


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Richard @ETNCEO mentioned supporting feature phones in one of the AAT videos. It’s definitely a concern for mass adoption in emerging markets.


I missed that what video was that? Reliance Jio have partnered with mobile stream’s, also yoti has partnered with jio

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Took me a bit to find it in the dump fighter thread from @J5Alive. @KyleFornia posted it before that.

The video is more about the remittance system, but @ETNCEO does say, “Don’t forget those feature phone users” and “We’ve got concepts for this, none of them are in place yet.” As mentioned in other threads, he chooses his words carefully.

I didn’t remember the exact wording, but they’re well aware of feature phone users being 60-70% of their target markets. Emphasis now appears to be on developing the ecosystem to encourage participation by feature phone users. So will there be a feature phone app?

Cheers! :chipmunk::chipmunk:


Thanks for the effort in finding that really appreciate it :+1: there’s been many hints put out in the past it’s all becoming clearer now



Kai OS is going to be the world’s third largest mobile operating system. Chances are, you haven’t heard of it.

Not your fault really. KaiOS was only released in 2017 and yet it is powering a huge number of mobile phones in just under two years.

So, what’s the secret here? Unlike other mobile operating system, Kai OS doesn’t target the high-end, touch phones. Instead, it provides smartphones like functionalities to the featured phones.


2019 Exhibitors

KaiOS Technologies,Inc.

Stand Location

Hall 5 Stand 5G81, Hall 4 Stand 4F5Ex

i’m sure Richard will go check them out, chat app development options. :wink:


QR Reader

It took some time, but QR codes have proven their worth and are here to stay. As the versatility of this barcode has always been exclusive to smartphone users, Kai saw an opportunity to bridge this digital gap by rolling out a KaiOS QR code app, inviting all smart feature phone users into this part of the digital revolution.


Good find. Kai OS is definitely something to keep an eye on then, for multiple reasons. Combine that with Nokia bringing back “basic” and feature phones…

I personally would go back to the Moto Razr in a heartbeat if it were to be brought back. Combine that with KaiOS, winner. :+1:

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