Wifi hardware for marketplaces

Something that might be missing in some areas where ETN might become of good use is good internet access. Would it not be good if ETN could sponsor marketplaces and other locations with some kind of strong outdoor wifi access points? With all the “mesh technology” around nowadays Im pretty sure some large fields where food/vegetable markets happens in “third world countries” could get better access to wifi to make the ETN transactions easier.

If there is free and strong internet ETN usage would be easier. Relying on 3G or others might be risky.

+1… good internet access is key to crypto doing well in the developing countries

if the vendors are using the electroneum’s instant payment API then you would only need internet for less than 1ms.

I think 3g is safer than a wifi you don’t really know. I wouldn’t use my crypto on a public wify

There are interesting DIY solutions of course. But Electroneum could create a niche product for that to sell with a big marketing push for a region.

Here is some interesting info:

Google: LoRa LoRaWAN Gateway 868MHz Raspberry Pi 3

Google: semtech what is lora

That’s screaming for abuse. In a perfect world yes, but I’m sure it would be used for illegal activities and taking advantage of the innocents who are not clued up with tech to start with.

I don’t think its actually possible to abuse this. A long-range Wifi network for outdoors must be possible to configure in a secure way. And also the apps of Electroneum should be secure enough to not have any abuses possible.

I have no issues with the ETN tech itself, or even the potential WiFi security.

It’s pure gullibility that remains a risk. Here in South Africa, drawing money out of an ATM should be a simple, safe process. I know of many people who have had massive withdrawals out of their accounts following people insisting that they help them work the ATM after they rig it to malfunction. (Like not completing their previous transactions, or putting a sleeve in the card slot)

“Criminals mostly stole, swopped or installed card-entrapment devices at ATMs and then shoulder-surfed victims to obtain their PINs,” said Pillay.

It’s this ill intent to rob others that needs to be acknowledged, addressed and secured. I like the idea, but it would need to be implemented in a proper manner to avoid abuse of the unsuspecting, especially in developing countries where desperation is a way of life.

On second thought, maybe I’m being a little pessimistic. I do like the idea. I recon it should be investigated down the road…

Seems we can post links now (we could not in the begnning when I posted this).

Check this out: https://www.hackster.io/SeeedStudio/seeed-lora-iotea-solution-b5ee95


Think if this was sent out to villages in India or Brazil where large markets are held. There could be instant payment with ETN there