Why things turning out like this?


I think when you complete kyc tier 1 you’re safe to hold tens of thousands of electroneum but as i read some comments I’m getting to believe that it’s mandatory to complete kyc level 2 just for holding.


I’m trying to read the forum with the help of Google translation. It’s okay if you can only transfer 150 Euros (buy or sell) that completes Level 1. What is keeping, why is it called keeping?


Keeping is to use it in the future


I get it, that’s good. Thank you


Must complete level 2


So tell me if I’m a student and not yet employed


Put student and then school name in employment section


And support it with document what should that be


I would say try anything school related. They just gonna cross reference the information you are providing. So any school documents you have with the specific info they are requesting


I submitted the school admission letter


Cool just keep checking your account to see if it was accepted or not in a few days


Well if anything I will post it here ,by the way tomorrow is my birthday


Okay cool. Happy birthday. Post your receive address I’ll send you 10 etn


Oh that’s kind of you




I sent it. Please post here when you receive so that people know we are a kind and helpful community. Happy birthday.


Did you receive you birthday donation?


I will post it I was sleeping that’s how come I delayed


Thanks so much for my birthday gifts I’m very grateful


It’s accepted