Why the obsession with Samsung?


Everyone has been talking about a Samsung partnership for as long as I can remember…why? I have a moto G phone and I use the ETN app all the time. The ios app will be coming out soon. It seems to me that partnerships with mobile providers would be much more important than with a company that makes smartphones. You download the app from the Google Play store, not from Samsung. Can someone please explain why everyone wants a Samsung partnership?


I have no Idea.
Like you I’d find it far more valuable to partner with say Virgin Mobile or Vodafone/Vodacom for example.
It seems to me to be the market this project is targeting.


Samsung is everywhere. Places where Apple can never reach with its prices.
They have low to high end phones and is industry gaint next to Apple.
They sell low end models in developing countries where people trust samsung. The first brand that comes in people mind is Samsung. Electroneum and samsung can be huge and that’s why people are crazy about this


but what exactly would the “partnership” consist of? Samsung advertising for ETN? What would Samsung get out of it?


The partnership is just a rumour.
But if it happened now samsung has less to gain unless they have plans to invest in the company and buys some ETN company shares.
Remember companies buys other smaller ones if they see big potential.
All these are for long term investments.
Then again the partnership is a rumour for now.
If any mobile company can reach the masses and unbanked around the globe (with customer trust) that will be Samsung!

But… there is a problem! Samsung also has samsung pay. Why would they keep ETN app if they already have their own payment system.

Solution? Samsung pay getting merged with ETN somehow or both can coexist someother way.


I would think there is a mutual advertising gain .


The whole point of making the app available for download on the google play store is that anyone with any phone can download it. Seems to me that if ETN were to partner with one phone manufacturer there would be some sort of exclusivity created between the two companies, meaning that other phone manufacturers would be “out of the loop”, to put it in the simplest terms possible.


For the unbanked having it preinstalled gives them a sense of trust.
For me if samsung happened it is very good. But only if its samsung.
I wouldnt be the same if it was anyother brand.
You have a good point there but we don’t know what sort of partnership can it be.


The app should be pre-installed on all phones! :smirk:


Electroneum is a year old kid near these giants.
We are in no position to pick and choose who we want.
We take every door that takes us to our goal.
So if a gaint comes “we should say” yes mostly. Unless that breaks our fundamentals.

Do you think ETN can just make everyone do it at the same time? It has to start with someone. Others will follow.


I know Samsung is a giant. It’s just that everyone has been talking about this partnership like it’s the answer to everything. I was just wondering why people seem to think that. I still don’t know.


I think they are just seeing the possibilities that can happen with a samsung deal.
That’s all.
Samsung deal can be a big leap forward. Can have years of risks and brings more strength into the company.
Obviously etn is bigger than all these and have a target to fulfill.


This one doesn’t mention Samsung directly but is interesting.

Also 1.2 billion smartphones sold in 2016 alone could bring a lot of users.


ok…so people are assuming that the ETN app would come pre-loaded in Samsung phones in the event of a partnership? is that it? Again…I’m aware that Samsung is basically the biggest mass producer of smartphones…I get that. :man_facepalming:


That is somewhat my assumption of what others are thinking I’m not completely sure. That would be a game changer and put us in sight of theirs millions and millions of users. I’m not really obsessed with Samsung so I’m not positive just taking a guess.


The ability to reach users and marketing benefits.
with roughly 1 billion phones sold world wide - imagine the users reach it can achieve.
Having said that , IOS users will always be one of the key market that etn would want to get into as well.
Hopefully all IOS users will be able to use the etn app by feb this year.

Facebook is worth so much because of the amount of users it had. Its the same with whatsapp , instagram for example… its all about users reach. Even thou many facebook accounts could be fake or duplicate by the same user.


I think if we could get them to put some type of link to ETN on the new phones that would be huge.
It is like the holy grail so to say for mobile apps.