Why the current price of ETN shouldn’t scare you

It’s very hard to be a crypto investor these days, with the price of many altcoins down 90 percent or more from their all-time high. So the pain you are feeling is one felt by investors in almost every coin out there.

But there is a difference with ETN. Unlike many coins, which are garbage, ETN is a company that will survive and thrive despite the ups and downs of the crypto market.


  1. ETN expects to have some 20 million users in the coming year.
  2. ETN has deals in place and will have more deals in place in the coming year once KYC and AML are integrated into the platform.
  3. ETN is involved in a niche crypto market, the unbanked, with perhaps only one competitor, Dash, and ETN is much farther along.
  4. ETN has a vision for success that involves creating an entire ecosystem for the coin’s use, something unique to crypto.
  5. ETN is run by a charismatic and visionary leader, Richard Ells, and by a seasoned mobile operator and entrepreneur, Chris Gorman, with a team of hardworking folks supporting them.

So when you despair about price, think about what Richard said in his latest video. He talked about starting this community forum so that as ETN becomes an older company, posts about the company will be archived here and searchable on Google. That’s right, an older company. Meaning a company that will be here years from now. Meaning a company that is not a fly-by-night operation.

So, good people, read a good book, watch a good movie, have a drink or two, and don’t stress about the price of ETN. As the company continues to execute on its vision, the price will follow.

Cheers, Squidward Nakamoto

This is indeed well articulated. I really haven’t seen or heard of any crypto that has a community forum. Most of it is hidden in telegram groups which not every person can access. I believe this is the best way to reach out to the millions of users the company intends to integrate.
Also, speaking about Dash. They don’t have a community like electroneum does. When electroneum sets out to the unbanked which has always been the plan, we’re going to dominate because this has been the idea of Richard since day 1.
Other crypto companies will look up to us. We’re the first to prepare an ecosystem where etn will be used in case anybody asking about a use case of etn. Gig guru will be HUGE as many in the 3rd world will see it as an opportunity to earn money in form of cryptocurrency.
Dash that is a supposed competition here isn’t doing this because it wasn’t always their plan. We’re going to dominate the unbanked market soon.
I see 2019 as being the year of Electroneum!


curiosity and hope, backed up by a very active and committed ceo for sure, and strong ideas to make this a real player in this weird new world, let’s face it high street banks have had their day - let’s keep the faith and enjoy this community too.

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The ETN team’s sincere effort, hardwork and trustworthy will be rewarded… this kind of team will surely flourish in the future… no matter how hard ups and down would be, ETN team just need to be strong and do their best… all their efforts will not be in vain…
ETN’s community will always be here to support you… let all your doubt converted into belief and turns into faith…
God bless us!
God bless ETN team


I see the current price as an advantage as an investor however, if they want the “Gig Economy” plan to work the Electroneum Team really will need to address this in the near future. It is very difficult to convince someone to work for an asset that’s on a downtrend. They will not approach that with the same mentality as an investor.

Is there a more promising team in the crypto space right now? because I havent found one yet. Great write up.

The community forum is a great idea. Especially with “verified” posts and guides. It will really help solve any issues people have. Particularly ones that are newer. You are right about most of the garbage crypto this company is being built to last. And we’re all a part of it:).

etn will change the world!!!

It doesn’t scare me, it just gives me the chance to buy more. :smiley:

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