Why reddit and not the official forum users for the next round of questions?

@ETNCEO surely being a supporter of the official forum we should get a chance to ask questions instead of the reddit community?

I was wondering the same. The forum should have been 1st in list but the Reddit team have been long been around with this kind of question gathering and they have always done a good job.
I would still want the official forum to be involved in some form.

Why are Reddit and Telegram groups still around, when we have the forum?
Just saying…

yer im with you bro…etn to the moon…

This community has been a breath of fresh air , the way it looks , the feel the family feel about it. It’s great.


If you mean the interview conducted by AllAboutTech he got the questions together not Richard but yes I think would be nice next time if us forum folk get a chance.


@Thefamilyguy sorry I took your idea and ran with it …

What questions would you have for Richard ells from our community

No problem. We work together as a community

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i wa nted to say same too, in my opinion our forum is more active than reddit


Yes yes yes we are the true supporter of the product


the reddit questions could be improved on.


Together we shift the power back to our rightful hands :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:


Anybody else want in?


Count me in :))…

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me too :grin::grin::grin:

I fully agree @Thefamilyguy I think the next round of questions should be right here on the official forum, great idea.

how going to achieve that, what u planning? What happened?

We will show @ETNCEO we have a stronger community here than Reddit by posting and showing our present.

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Please remember that we are all playing on the same team and it was never why Reddit and not Community Forum. The original initiative and the first reach out to the Electroneum Team came from one of the Senior Reddit Moderator (Xterest), this was long before this forum, was even active. You can see the post that Xterest created and continues to update so that everyone is up to date on the current affairs/status.

You do not need a Reddit account to read what is on Reddit, the post is well maintained and consists of lots of useful information at the click of a button. I strongly recommend that you have a look and appreciate the hard work that was and still is being put in.

Link below:

As for the questions you are all more than welcome to submit your questions to Xterest, as he is also a member of this forum and the community. I have tagged him here for your reference @xterest

I realize that you all have families, responsibilities and I appreciate how busy you are, it is unreasonable to expect you to be able to pay attention to all of the communication and have accounts everywhere. All I am saying is that “when we work together we are unstoppable” and whether it comes from the telegram, reddit, community site or anywhere else, it is all very important as we all play an integral part in this community.

So lets shake on that and move on with this.


The purpose of the forum is to have a central reference point according to @ETNCEO. Would it not to be in etn ‘s best interest to move all the essential references to this forum (IMO the monthly Q&A is an essential information). Furthermore, to write in this forum you will have to be an etn user which create an added security while anyone can create an account on reddit . How are you going to ensure that this functionality does not get sabotage (one example would be random upvoting) in the future? As previously suggested there were coordinated fud on the reddit forum which the subreddit moderators have dealt with but why should we attract more users to reddit (by putting essential information on it) to face the potential fud while we have the safe heaven of the forum? Your answer is greatly appreciated @MSystem.