Why Mobile Topups are Expensive When Paying by Electroneum?

Hi Team,

I am trying to topup my mobile for the first time using electroneum app, but I find a difference in payment structure. I live in India and I use Jio. Usually I topup for Rs. 199/month for 1.5gb data per day. But when I am trying to topup the same plan in electroneum app then the amount goes to Rs.242 with a price difference of Rs 43.

Its no big deal that I am paying extra 43rs, I just want to know why do I have to?

I will appreciate your answer.

That’s the price charged by the company acting as a middle man. Electroneum don’t control that.

With more direct partnerships there will likely be better prices. Give it time…things are only just starting :+1:


Thanks for the fast reply. Appreciate it.


Kudos to Electroneum Team, the topup was done under 30 secs, never expected that.

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