Why is it too slow to import a raw file?

Downloading 17 gb blockchain.raw was faster. The import proceeded very quickly from the beginning but slowed down extremely when the 100k block arrived. Now it’s going to increase by around 10 and in half. He got here in six hours. Like he’s gonna make you wait much longer? After all, what is the reason why files are so slow in the disk?

Disk usage, memory usage, CPU usage is almost 0.1%

no idea why it’s slow but if you use the remote node method then you don’t have to download it

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I do not download remotely. importing from local file

I think it’s to do with how the import process uses ram rather than hard drive. I tried to import it several times when I created the remote node, each time increasing the ram further and ended up using 32gb for the import process and then dropped it back down afterwards.

As I said above, I don’t know the technicalities, but increasing the ram really helped me. Maybe it’ll only use a percentage of the available ram??

It still got slower as it went on and took about 9 hours in total and used about 50gb of hard drive space.

How are you getting on with the sync’ing @alidebre??

It’s been 1.5 days and it’s still going on. it will take too long @M44FFW

A while ago it was done that way. I think I used ccleaner in between (analysis and run cleaner only do this)
The best thing is that you use an ssd disk. Do not know if you use this. It took me 7 hours to do it.
I would not know of any other tips.
good luck

I use an SSD :slight_smile: but for some reason the disk read and write speed does not exceed 3 mb / s. Normally I need to see this value too low 500mb / s

Apart yes, most ssd disks are around 500 mb / sec. Did you also implement the raw blockchain with administrator rights?
Otherwise I don’t know either. Sorry

yes working as administrator, I’m just waiting

You’ll get there eventually :slight_smile: at least it’s something you can leave running in the background

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