Why is it so difficult to give feedback on the ETN app?

  • Every app I know of has a ‘Contact Support’ or ‘Submit Feature Request’ link under settings. The Electroneum iPhone app does not.
  • We get an announcement from the CEO - it is from a do-not-reply email.
  • How can Electroneum claim to be user-centered or have usability as a priority when they don’t advertise a method to provide feedback?
    (All of this could be easily fixed with a few design changes.)

Thank you for your feedback @user451. There are lots of ways to send your feedback back to the team. As a matter of fact you are doing this right now. Not all apps have contact support and definitely not all have submit a feature request.

If you wish to send an email to the team, there are several team members on this forum, feel free to send them a direct message.



I would like to add that the camera should be correctly automatically selected depending on whether the app wants a selfie or a drawing.

I had to draw an image today but the selfie camera was selected which was not what I wanted.

I think the app contains a bug.

In the Wallet section, the hours displayed for the transactions are ok with my local timezone (UTC+2), but not the Notifications which are always on UTC+0, is it normal ?

Thank you in advance for your answer.