Why is ETN so undervalued, your opinions please?

Oh…so in your opinion… mobile partners in the target markets accepting ETN as payment for services, Non Gov’t agencies such as non profits incorporating ETN into their systems in those targeted markets, remittance partnerships and local agent/vendors taking advantage of the remittance partnership model along with mobile to mobile instant remittance world wide won’t have any impact on value.

The Gig Economy Site won’t effect use and price?

Only main stream brands accepting ETN for payment will increase demand and value?

If that’s what you believe, then you are invested in the wrong crypto.

What impact do you imagine truly instant, off blockchain, in network, zero fee transactions might have on adoption?

You are aware that in Q1 2019 the ability to perform 100’s of millions of instant off blockchain on network transactions is coming right? With zero transaction fees until such time ETN decides it’s time to start taking some profit from processing instant transfers within their centralized network.And even then after they have achieved a reasonable amount of volume and decide to introduce tx fees, the fees will be ridiculously low.

Of course it could get pushed back beyond Q1, but it is coming eventually.

Off network regular transactions and blockchain instant notification transactions will still take place alongside the new on network instant as in instant transactions.

Those are just some of the things coming down the road. That’s just the beginning of what’s to come once all is in place and mobiles partners are live and have marketed ETN for a few months.

Wait until the remittance angle comes into play full on and watch how the local economies begin to embrace and support ETN.

The usual local fiat remittance payout agents will get involved. Not only that, local entrepreneurs and business will begin to accept it more and more. They want a share of those remittance dollars and will find a way to get a slice.

First things first, mobile partners need to go live and be given some time to push ETN out to their customer base and potential new customers.

This is going to be awesome once it gains some momentum.

Edit to add.

The biggest hurdles will probably be navigating all the various jurisdictional licensing and regulations, Such as Singpore’s new licensing requirements that go into effect in around 6 months. I think the Philippines have some crypto and fintech licensing and regs in effect or coming into effect. Probably many more coming or already in place for cryptos and payment services.


You didnt read my post properly. The point is that all the things you’ve said are further down the line, next year. So why should there be value in ETN in the interim while it is not being widely used?

The only value ETN gets right now will be from speculation based on news and announcements, after which the price will slowly dump back down again.

The ONLY way ETN will ever achieve a sustained, long term stable growth will be through usage. So once all the partners are on board and their customers are using ETN to actually pay for things instead of just people hoarding in the hope that it will increase in price and once ETN starts to become more mass adoped, thats when ETNs true value will emerge.

So as I’ve said before, right now, aside from speculation, ETN is worth exactly what it is being priced at right now, or even less.


K, my bad. I kind of honed in on the mainstream business accepting ETN part of your comment. I don’t think that’s gonna make or break ETN if you can’t buy a Big Mac or fuel up your vehicle with ETN.

I think we are on the same page though, so it’s all good.


Im giving you all :heart: for your positive input into the topic.
Some really great content here.
Unfortunately words can eaily be misconstrued especially at times when the emotion is governed by the price.
One thing is really common amongst all the posts here and thats the faith we have in the project and its visions. We wouldn’t be guarding ourselves so closely in regards to To the FUD if that wasn’t the case.!
Onwards and Upwards


Not sure I agree with your point about not being widely used, as most people could name a raft of coins with much higher sats that are not being widely used. I do agree that the value is whatever someone is prepared to pay, BUT (and I am no expert on exchanges) ETN seems to have been negatively affected by bots, has it not?

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Thanks, you are always so postive…it’s really cool.


Your absolutely correct - there are a whole load of genuine garbage coins out there with zero use case and no product with a much higher price than ETN.

This is exactly why the crypto market is in the state that it is in, with crypto values plummeting to zero in many cases as people wake up to the fact that they invested in, and artificially increased the market cap of garbage crypto projects out there.

I have no doubt whatsoever that (as long as nothing unexpected occurs) Electroneum will eventually be among the top digital assets in blockchain with a price per coin that reflects its strong position and demand. However until that day comes, we need to understand that ETNs price is pretty much about where it should be, and possibly slightly higher than where it should be - in my opinion.

So, you feel that exchange bots have had no detrimental effect on the price?

I have no idea whether exchange bots have affected the price or not, and its kind of irrelevant to the point Im making.

I wouldn’t say it is irrelevant.

My gut feeling is that the price would be significantly higher if bots were kept out of the exchanges. You can see it time after time and it has been well covered in other posts. I agree that it is kind of irrelevant in as much as bots are in exchanges and therefore the price is, what it is but this is a contributory factor in ETN being undervalued.

Yes, but put it this way. Even if bots didnt exist and the ETN price was much higher, for me atleast, it would mean ETN price is over valued. Remember, everything is still in progress and we are in very early days. A product exists, but very few (relative to growth targets) people are buying.

I can tell you one thing, not many start ups achieve a $50m market cap valuation within their first year of existence, without even a product being marketed out there. Remember when ETN went on craptopia for the first time? Its price was something like 0.22c per coin which gave it an almost $1bn market cap, which was completely absurd for a business only a few months old.

Yes, 0.22c was a hyped price in a very bull market but IMHO 0.006 is a very low price, even in a very bearish market.

You say above that ETN’s price is, “possibly slightly higher than where it should be”. I would be interested to know how have you arrived at this thought and what you think the price should be then?

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Honestly? 0.005c which was the ICO price when the biggest bonus was applied. Anything below this will start to move into ‘under valued’ territory (in my opinion)…

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Very verbose answer.

I agree with everything you wrote above except, calling Cryptopia “Craptopia” I attempted to get ETN for quite some time and was finally able to get it from Cryptopia.
This exchange is an extremely valuable business partner with the company and has helped massively to the adoption of ETN up to now.


I think kucoin and cryptopia known as ( craptopia and kushit ) are high in volumes just because they were our 1st exchanges. People call them like that because of multiple problems with etn overtime, specially kucoin. We all know the kucoin exchange is the worst around for us. Even when we are trading green we are 10-20 sats below other exchanges. Cryptopia and kucoin rise up 4-5 million etn walls for sale almost everyday. On kucoin atleast, this happen to almost all alts so kushit is a deserved name.

I like Cryptopia the interface has come a long way. I have bought all of my purchased ETN there and the fee is only 5 ETN for each 49,999 ETN purchase.


Yeah. Never used cryptopia so i cant really say much about it, only sell walls but i can t say the same about kucoin.

This video might explain some of what’s going on…https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F6wPaXoLkvc&t=318s


I also agree with @Tanwax, I have used Cryptopia from day one. I just had an issue that I opened a ticket up and it was solved well within my satisfaction timeline. What people really forget is that they as a company are growing at an extremely fast rate. They went from 2 dudes to many staffers. There is going to be challenges in growing upwards and outwards so quickly. I like their interface and find their site easy to use. It gets some negative vibes BECAUSE it does not move as much volume as people would like! In my opinion those wanting Lambo’s right now are not happy with any exchange. I for one like Cryptopia and support it!