Why is ETN so undervalued, your opinions please?

Imo Electroneum is 1 of, if not the most undervalued coin on the market. I dont see any other crypto currently making the progress we are, even in this terrible bear market, we continue to hit more and more milestones with more exciting things waiting in the wings.

We have a massive user base, superb expanding support team, a working app with different working processors, about to kick off KYC, ios app with cloud mining etc etc

So, why is our coin so undervalued ?

ETN will need to be mass adopted as a payment system and a store of value for the market cap to increase significantly. until then, the majority of ETN accounts aren’t very active. just because a lot of people are visiting the website doesn’t mean a lot of people are using ETN.


Other than the things that have affected all coins? Lack of merchant adoption. We just have to be patient on that.
Also “Neng pian jiu pian.”

Mobile miner bots dumping? Maybe this is now fixed or partially fixed with the new tech because the value is slowly rising. F2pool and poolin dumping?
The logical question of “Why would a mining pool destroy the profitability of the coin they are mining?” doesn’t work for the “neng pian jiu pian” justification because they will in fact destroy their future very large gains for a small gain now.

That’s the mentality of it. If you can cheat, cheat now and make the gain now, forget about the future is the mentality of it.


Have you mined for 24 hours only to realise the miner disconected at hour 2? Have you mined for a week and only picked up 30 ETN? No Lambos like that. Have you opened up an account with ABRA or coinbase and been skeptical when you had to put in personal info? After you got over that, how many days did it take you to get some fiat in your account? After you bought your BTC or LTC how long did it take to post to your account? When it came time to transfer that to cryptopia, how many times did you look at the URL to make sure the site wasn’t a phishing site? How nervous were you even after 2FA verification? When you copied the needed addresses, how many times did you check to make sure it was correct only to click send nervously thinking it would still be the wrong address? Did that Buy/sell page intimidate you? Did you find ETN but not understand how to place an order or even if you got the prices right? Finally, you bought ETN. If you’re like me, 2 hours later did you realise you didn’t confirm the transaction? I have my ETN but need to get it to my wallet…One last nervous address copy paste. Wow…That was a lot to get your hands on 1000 ETN. I have to do that again?

We are so early everything is extremely undervalued. When Aqcuiring ETN and spending it are easier than the current means of exchange, the price will follow. :v: :heart:


All depends on which exchange in what country with what payment method.
In the time it takes me to type this post I can purchase ETN straight from my bank account.
For that matter most of the top 200 in marketcap.
If it was that easy for everyone to buy crypto.Wow.
Im looking forward to everyone having the same freedom.


Our coin is never undervalued, those who don’t understand how things work in the crypto world would complain and see etn as a shitcoin as far as I’m concern electroneum is one of the great projects out there it’s only matter of time


I don’t see ETN as a crypto, but a way of freedom for a lot of people. I think once ETN is exposed to the less fortunate countries things are going to erupt.


ETN still has a ways to go before we see it’s true potential. Once we see the infrastructure fully in place we’ll see what ETN is truly capable of in regards to value. The recent server move was the beginning of them being able to scale ETN significantly and prepare for the future. We’ve got IOS & Cloud Mining on the way soon which will be great for everyone the team included since that will solve connection issues with people needing to have the miner continuously connected. As we know many people around the world don’t have stable internet so it’s a highly beneficial move all around.

Electroneum is going a different route literally from every other coin out there so it’s going to in my opinion be much harder to predict current or even future value, they’re truly a first of their kind. We already know they’ve got 15 deals coming to fruition in the fairly near future which is amazing and of course the current trials already in place. In addition they mentioned probably around 15 or so more behind those which are in the pipeline. Since this coin is going based on a real product and true usability it’s a much longer process to for the true value to show since it’s not all based on hype and speculation.

Another thing to hold in mind is Electroneum being the 1st coin to implement KYC/AML practices and complying with international regulations which puts them ahead of the pack. Any crypto who thinks a privacy coin is going to mass adopt is in for a hard lesson as it won’t happen. No governing body is going to allow it and any major business is going to see a privacy coin as a liability and risk not worth taking. Regulations are coming and only going to increase over time. I see articles regularly showing this process is in the works. Electroneum made the right move by going this route now instead of last minute, this way they won’t need to scramble last minute to comply with international regulation. Being the 1st to do this long term will really instill confidence and trust with businesses, governments and institutional investors.

I really think 2019 will be a BIG year for Electroneum going forward since we got some amazing things coming in Q1 that we know of right off.

  1. The scaling of the entire system which will take ETN from being capable of 20 million to 200 million + which is a monumentally massive scale for likes the which no crypto is even close to.

  2. Cold Storage, a fantastic layer of security for wallets which is really exciting

  3. The gig economy site which will give individuals the ability to make a living online and teach them new skills for the digital world.

This is just a handful of great things coming, of course the two secret projects coming at the 2019 MWC and so so much more. We don’t even know a tiny fraction of what’s to come, I can’t wait to see where Electroneum is by the end of 2019. I think we’re all in for being very pleasantly surprised by the end of next year. There is SO much more potential which Electroneum and most realize. I always say I feel ETN will exceed even the best predictions on the forum significantly. I’ll stop there since I just wanted to give my condensed version of an answer to you. I could technically say A LOT more but I don’t feel like writing an entire novel on the forum Lol.


From TOP10 exchanges we are only at :
Coinbene and HitBTC
So we have big potential at korean exchanges like Huobi, Okex and biggest Binance etc.
We are for now at only 12 exchanges…
We havent iOs app + cloud mining
We havent announced big partnership and the rest is HOLD till kyc and other imrovements
Just imagine if some operator send sms to all customers that they can pay with ETN and receive voice, sms or DATA as bonus…
We havent any big marketing campaing - we have Bmedia, Fanfare etc maybe in future some big names will be promoting ETN, or in games we have too big opportunity - Fortnite + Minercraft or some RPG or Pokemon go style game…
May i continue :smiley:


It does seem a little odd. When you see a coin announcing a partnership with a porn site and they go from 200 to 1200 sats and ETN announce a partnership for a very good cause, (the one yesterday) that should announce ETN to quite a wide audience and there is practically no reaction at all.

I appreciate that times are a lot more bearish now than a few months ago but still!!

P.S. I am aware that coin has since lost all of it’s gains.

The timing is wrong , totally different scenario.
Verge had that massive secret partner thin going…that was what booted the price…yeah they hyped it when the market sentiment was positive.
As soon as they said it was pornhub I sold at 7.5 cents USA $.
Then it crashed.
Goodnight all from Australia


Well said we are just getting started.

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I never said we had ios and cloud, i said they were coming, read the post.

Thanks for all the opinions, its interesting how many of us believe different things.


Great write, thank you.


You’re most welcome @smokey

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I can’t stop thinking that In-Gaming payments will be coming down the line and will strengthen us. Exactly as you say games like Fortnite where “V Bucks” are bought and spent . Didn’t Richard say that one day we will proceed into gaming… there are two secrets coming and the White paper says :-

  1. Gaming (computer games)
  2. Gaming (gambling)

All I know is we are destine for BIG things.


Were not undervalued at all. Were actually OVER valued right now. Why?

  1. We are not mass adopted. We have very few users. No one is using our coin!!
  2. There is no genuine use case for ETN right now. Can you buy a Macdonalds with ETN? Nope. Can you pay for fuel with ETN? Nope. Your purchases are limited to a verrrrry small number of places and most people arw just buying things with ETN to get it into circulation.

So why should ETN be worth anything at all? It shouldnt right now.

HOWEVER, once and IF Electroneum can start to get users to use ETN instead of fiat and if it ever becomes a payment currency for mainstream mass market brands, then it will be valued much higher. Until then, its really not worth anything at all.

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It is low because BTC is low and it is still early in the project it has not been fully rolled out.


Wow that was fantastic and amazing j5alive…well said 10 out of 10…