Why is ETN not on TradingView.com?

Why is ETN not on TradingView com?

Is this the same reason that many large exchanges are not listing ETN like Bittriex?

It seems as if ETN is not being taken seriously. Any Ideas?



I think everyone is biding their time until the big features get released; we don’t want another SNAFU to cause the price to tank. It’s like waiting for marketing until said features are functional; it will draw in both users and investors.

We have 3-4 strong exchanges atm + next very soon. The biggest exchanges asks for ridiculous fees to apply to be listed. For etn, which is a young project is not worth yet. Why would u go for bittrex, binance now? You may have a pump for a few days but then nothing. Let the etn team doing their job with the api etc.
Personally, i’d like to see etn on top 5 exchanges when the price per coin is around 0.1-0.2 $ so we can take the full pump and not now, under a penny.


listing on big exchanges should be plan well not on time of bear market… it will just bring a temporary hype then… just like in poker, you may like it to play your card well… no rush

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Thank you for your replies everyone. Some good points, much appreciated.


Absolutely correct, an exchange listing ETN must be listed on TV (tradingview.com)

https://www.coinigy.com charting platform has exchanges listed that TV does not, for example, Cryptopia is listed as an exchange to Coinigy.

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