Why is content being sent out with simple errors in?

Mr Ells and Mr Gorman

@ETNCEO @chris.gorman

Apologies for directing this specifically at you both but I wanted to get my concern across clearly. Firstly, let me start with some positives, thank you for all the hard work this year…… The project is starting to take shape and I’m very excited about what 2019 will bring. Ambitious but unique approach.

However, after watching your recent IOS video I feel I have no other choice but to express how desperately disappointing one part of your company is performing. There is genuinely never a reason why public facing content should be going out with mistakes.

Almost weekly incorrect spelling/grammar on Twitter/Facebook posts, documents with errors, website content with horrible translations and typos… even pictures on posts for the wrong country!!. To now see your latest video have information that is a year out of date (“mobile miner live 2017”)…… frankly it’s just embarrassing and so unnecessary.

How does this look to a serious business being asked to trust your company with their reputation and money when you are failing to address such a simple facet of business? Especially as you pride yourself on the experience your team has in the marketing field.

I understand things are likely very busy there, but I can see from your “our team” page that you have a dedicated marketing team. There is NO excuse for damaging the Electroneum brand because of one team’s inability to properly do their job. Every company in the world manages to properly manage their public facing content, Electroneum needs to start doing the same.

People make mistakes, especially when under pressure, but that is why marketing/communication teams have procedures in place for ALL content to be checked by multiple people before publishing.

Please make the necessary changes in that area to ensure this NEVER happens again so that perhaps the reputation damage already done can start to be repaired.

Please also understand I mean all this with the greatest respect, but this simply must stop.

Thank you for your time.

Yes absolutely agree with you on this. Needs to be proof read first by someone with a good eye for detail.


I agree that there should be protocol in place to triple check for accuracy.

I do NOT agree with the tone of this post however. Frankly, this post is unprofessional.

Unprofessional? This is a community forum not a staff meeting. Constructive feedback from community members has always been welcome from the ETN team. We all want the best for Electroneum!


The use of “you pride yourself on experience” comes across as an attack on Richard Ells.

And to suggest that the reputation of Electroneum has been damaged… Where is the evidence to support that?

Feedback is great. But delivery via this post was poor in my opinion.

I believe @Rach can help you here.
I also believe there are major changes underway to update the multilingual side of things in the next couple of days.
Please be patient.
This issue has already been brought up in other topics.


Mobile miner was released and live in 2018 that is a incorrect statement. Perhaps he meant the concept was created and in beta in 2017

Also they released the website knowing that many of us community members would also be going through every word they said on the website. So in the terms of having grammatical errors in the first week of the new website being up is not monumental Imo because it will swiftly be corrected. I understand what you are trying to get across by what you are saying although I don’t agree with your methods of stating such. I agree they should keep a closer eye on grammatical errors being professional and having possibly very influential parties viewing their work. But at this point it is not damaging their reputation like you are trying to portray and they are well aware of what they need to do.

In conclusion I agree perhaps before publication they give it another once over just to check again, maybe even twice.


Wasn’t mobile miner March 2018? I think that is the date original post has issue with.


Yes you are correct. Maybe Richard meant beta testing. Like the concept was created in 2017.


This is what us squirrels are for , we spot stuff they don’t .
The team are very very busy , most people assume that they have hundreds of people working for etn , well they dont mistakes are made it gets reported and fixed we all play a role in making etn the bigger picture and besides all of this we are human…


For those of you questioning its seriousness, answer me this. If you were considering using a bank, and every time you walked passed it, they had a new sign outside which had a spelling mistake on it, what impression would that give you? Would you not laugh at it, and perhaps joke with others? More importantly, would it make you think they are competent professionals who would be perfectly suited to protect your money and provide the service you will want? It seems unimportant but it is quite the opposite in the business world. First impressions count to both users and perspective partners.

For those of you trying to play down the different issues highlighted. I’m sorry but the fact that you need to try and explain the different situations or justify them just proves my point.

You don’t release company information with the intention of your customers fixing it. You don’t send out communication to the world without spell/grammar checking it, you don’t make a video with the release date of your product a year out of date, you don’t send a tweet to a company and spell their name wrong….the list goes on and on. Its not about the mistakes, its about what they represent.

This isn’t about patience, I know they will fix the mistakes, my point is….stop making them in the first place. Every other serious company in the world manages to do this….its time Electroneum do.

They have a marketing team, it’s their job to make sure this doesn’t happen.


Not questioning the seriousness at all we agree . We get you @Milx im sure the team will take note and sort out these errors.

We agree . We report . We wait


Happy to see this posted. To date it’s been disappointing and embarrassing. I hope they take note but as post after post has been ridiculed and criticized and the same standard is repeated, I’m not so sure they will.

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I’d proof read it for some ETN :slight_smile:


Hi. Thank you for the feedback. We will be looking into this


Thankyou @Rach




One error I picked up on the ETN website is with the electroneum roadmap where it states “First atomic swap with SimpleSwap”, technically this is not an atomic swap being that there is a 3rd party involved with the transaction

So, the marketing team decided to close this thread today (I appreciate whoever re-opened it)…… please understand that the tone being used is just a manifestation of frustration, it really is constructive criticism.

…but can you blame me……. as on the same day as this thread, the marketing team then put a tweet out with 2 mistakes in it. (the image)

Wherever this failure is occurring, whether its people or procedures, please resolve it @ETNCEO @chris.gorman. There is simply no excuse for it……it’s an insult to those within your company who take pride in their work and the wider community who work hard to help make ETN a success.


I understand your frustrations and see where you are coming from as I also take notice to the errors. I agree greater measures should be taken to assure this doesn’t happen. I do not agree with you manifesting those frustrations into a post. That brings nothing beneficial other than showing your frustrations behind it. I’m glad you wrote this post to bring up this issue I don’t agree with you coming at the team for it as if they have a lack of competence. They know the issue and will be paying closer attention hopefully after reading your post.

Often times it’s how something is said not what is said that makes people look at it a different way in which they don’t understand or agree with. Thank you for this post, next time I personally would love to see a more proactive approach to getting this information across as I believe it will be more beneficial and gain more traction. You can have your frustrations but imo it is how you convey the information that will get you heard not your frustrations, but this is just my opinion. I am only saying this because I agree with the premise of your post @Milx :+1:


hi @Milx ,

the team actually did have a beta android app running in 2017. :slight_smile:
and if you check the video again he says ‘app released a year ago’
below is a pic of the 2017 version from the official website version 1.0.
the rest of the topic suggests that you can understand humans make typo.

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