Why everybody think in 1$ for ETN?


I think there are too many circulating coins to arrive at this price… Just my opinion…


With only 2 digits, ETN has virtually less coins in circulation than BTC. And the aim of ETN is having more users than BTC.
That’s why I’m totally convinced that ETN will reach 1$ one day after mass adoption and a complete ecosystem in place. Not mentioning a viral marketing campaign.
Hold your belt and enjoy the journey.


It’s probably unlikely we will arrive at $1 anytime soon, no one really knows whats going to happen with the market you have to consider the market in general and not just ETN when your thinking about ETN’s current price.


In 2 years, 1$ will be a conservative price I’m sure.


1$ and 2$ … 1 year or 2 years all depend on frequency of adoption of this crypto and proper marketing execution, patents to work out, instant payment should go live soon as promised. having it to be listed on well known bigger exchanges like hitbtc, binance, bitterex & Okex

BTC should go bullish … who can stop it seeing ETN in double $ figure 1-2 years


ripple have 100 000 000 000 coins and he is touch 2.8$ per coin.
Why etn with 21 000 000 000 can have problem with 1$?
I really dont understand you guys.
Like phergoph says “Hold your belt and enjoy the journey”


2019 etn will touch 1$
Just my opinion but am really confident about that…


The purpose of this coin is be used as a currency, if and when we attain mass adoption there will quite frankly not be enough total units to go around. They will have to add some decimal places to get the total number of units up but they can do this without increasing the number of coins. 1 Bitcoin has 100,000,000 sats or units. We have 100 units per coin so when you are talking about 100’s of million of people using the coin there will be no where near the number units to function properly. There have been many many people who done Youtube videos about the supply and I suggest you check them out as it is quite clear we do not have to many coins.


I agree with @M-Kid right now the price is very low because of the big supply but if ETN manages to go after the 99% that isn’t in crypto and all the unbanked etc, etc i think this supply will end up looking like nothing because it will be used daily and with only 2 decimals in place i think the price depending on the market and mass adoption could become anything in the future but it wouldn’t surprise me personally if it would reach prices that we all right now only can dream off if they manage to get where they want to be :face_with_monocle::rocket: