Why ETN is not listed in Binance?


Recently we heard that ETN will be listed in Binance but somehow…Not listed.
Do you know why?




I don’t know from where you heard that, but I doubt very, very much it was from an official source


Please dont listen to rumours.
Only keep an eye on the official announcements.


Richard said in a recent interview you have to pay a huge fee to be listed on Binance, its something that may happen in the future he said. But no announcements have been made.


there was an attempted to get listed on Binance via voting a while back but it was not successful.


New Exchanges will come in Time, but you really got to understand that Exchanges are not going to do us any good right now.
Binance is a great Exchange for Volume and would likely cause a small surge in price before crashing back down as soon as it goes live. Please don’t pin your hopes of short term surges on a new Exchange listing.
Coinbase is the Exchange that will cause the biggest of Surges since it is the entry gate of new Investors/Speculators, but go and look at what happened to BAT that launched on Coinbase just a few days ago. CRASHED in price as soon as it went live and it didn’t even surge a great deal before getting listed either.
We are in a Teddy BEAR market and Exchanges don’t mean Jack.
Utility and Development is what is controlling the market, all we need is for these to be happening (which they are) and for us to hold reasonably steady and then when the Bulls emerge from their pen we can watch the stampede. Maybe then New Exchanges would be more Important.


Very well said @ColinSTE :purple_heart::chipmunk:


When Binance? :rofl::rofl:
Not again.


we neednt binance but binance will need etn sooooon!!!:tongue::tongue::tongue::tongue:


There is plenty of exchanges for you to buy


If I said it would you believe me?