Why do big exchanges hate on ETN when they have plenty of shitcoins on them instead


Honestly , binance,and all top 10 exchanges all have mostly useless shitcoins on them. So why must they hate on ETN enough to not want them on their exchange. Is it because their now centralized. Shouldnt be because Etn was in top 50 before and was not on a top 10 exchange as a decentralized coin. So Anyone with some logical explanation of this? Can say no need for big exchange all u want but we know that would help. What logics are these exchanges using to not allow the biggest coin community of ETN. Or do they perhaps know something con like that we don’t.


haha new provocation post too, dear if i were in your shoes i would definetely become journalist haha just a joke :smile:. one reason as i know we had some wallet problem which is fixed, also when you say that top 10 exchanges have a lot of shitcoins on their exchange one reason is that most of them are erc20 type coins or another one which is very easy to integrate them on their ecxhanges, also etn main goal is not speculation and nowadays as you know 95% of crypto market are interesting in speculation.


To answer your question.

  1. ETN is not centralized, it’s partially centralized. The coin would still work without centralization but not with as fast transaction times.
  2. Binance are greedy and want coins/tokens to pay them a sum of money to get their coins listed. Many “no-use” ICOs just know that Binance listing is a price boost so they can dump their own coin holdings and make up for the listing price. ETN instead uses their ICO money to more fundamental things such as recruiting a larger team, marketing etc.

Big exchanges will come, but let them beg ETN to come instead of having ETN play on their terms and pay their fee.

  1. It costs alot of $$$ to list on many of these exchanges

  2. Cryptonote tokens are apparently difficult or annoying to implement and maintain

  3. ETN has been out of the top 100, most exchanges bother with the top 20 first, then add random coins. I suspect ETN will be adopted over time.
    It HAD 2x major block chain fails early on, I suspect some exchanges may need to see a continued proof of stability.


right…it cost $$ to list on some exchanges plus they think that ETN is their competitor


Just an interesting note. Binance soon will have no set listing fee and is donating all listing money to charity.


I have a different theory. Very soon it won’t matter, however, I truely believe due to the many exchanges that said they WOULD list ETN over 6 months ago and havent; that they rather NOT list them for a period of time simply because its easier to manipulate the price of the coin…AND not have to deal with the tech issues from the forking, etc. They all knew the coin had massive potential from the beginning. Shit coins with no potential, no problem, list them…but coins that can make you richer, play with it a bit so you can accumalate. Thats my theory


To Steve’s point, there is something about cryptonote coins, or ETN in particular, that makes them difficult to list compared to generic ERC20 coins. Cryptopia and KuCoin have both had wallet issues with ETN, and coinbene (FWIW) had several delays in launching it.

My sense is that this is the primary reason the big exchanges haven’t listed it.


The time will come. Maybe very soon… :sunglasses:


I see, thanks for the info. You do make sense there.


I like your idea on that. Good thinking. Yes the only nice thing about the price stalling out if able to buy more and more for lot of people over period of time. Hopefully patience will be a virtue for ETN.


I wonder how many people are loyal to ETN and invest most of their money into ETN. IF were putting money in worthless coins also were not putting enough in etn . Thats why i have like 95% invested into ETN because i honestly want to believe in it becoming big. THen i have alittle into Credits because of there 1mill TPS , and a few hundred in Stellite as a hopeful lotto as i bought in at 3 satoshi haha.