Why are we forbidden to discuss the Patent

Like bold children who are scolded and forbidden to engage in certain unmentionables - why are we not allowed to discuss the patent?

A thread was opened 9 hours ago and lived for all of 4 hours, with 3 comments before it was quickly closed. Why ?

The thread asked what is happening with the patent and why it was over a year since it was last mentioned?

I myself posted similar last month indicating it was over a year since any word has been uttered. I included links and dates.

And I’m expecting links to check the status will be posted as a reply here and inane advice that these things take time.

I know these links and I know patents are slow…

But for crying out loud - Richard hasn’t even said 2 words about it in over a year and we all know how much he loves speaking about ETN (and indeed I like listening to him) - but can he please address it and can we be afforded the luxury of discussing it openly?

It was huge news a year ago so why no word on the Patent since?

Patent last mentioned 6th April, 2018. tinyurl.com/yynrowa4

Patent link (Lodged: 5th April 2018): https://www.ipo.gov.uk/p-pj?startYear=2015&startMonth=May&startDay=20th±+6574&endYear=2018&endMonth=August&endDay=29th±+6745&filter=GB1805708.3&perPage=10&sort=Publication+Date


Because the question was answered…as it has been in a dozen similar threads.

There are no updates, no status, no progress when it comes to a patent. Decisions can take many years and once one is made it will be available on the patent website plus the team will likely let the community know.

There is nothing for the team to discuss until that happens.


No discussion, no update, not even a 5 second mention in some somewhat notible recent interviews, no nothing…

Richard is as completely in the dark as we are - that is what you are suggesting is the situation?

And all of your hearted marked fans are happy with this it seems…

I’m not expecting intimate details, just anything with a mention of an update on the patent.

Amazingly exciting news 15 months ago and not even 3 words on the subject since?

That’s the answer is it?

The answer is there is no answer! Amazing.

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Every patent goes the same way either it’s Coca Cola or Electroneum

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You sound agitated and upset with the lack of further updates. I am not sure if you are aware but the next phase is beyond ETN’s control. I am not sure what sort of updates or answers you seek, but it is quite clear there is noting further to report at this time. There are no phone numbers to call and inquire as to the status update.

All patent applications go through the same process, they get filed and then they wait to be reviewed. After they get their initial reviews and get passed up the chain of command for further review, the process is not really open to the public and yes the lines are long and frustrating but this is how it is done. There are no shortcuts or quick ways to get around.

I hope this helps



ummmm yes, that is exactly my answer.

The team will update the community when there is something to update. I’m afraid the teams influence doesn’t extend to the governmental intellectual property office…they follow the same procedure as every other company.

Thank you.

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